[Album Review] Torche 'Harmonicraft' - Bloody Disgusting
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[Album Review] Torche ‘Harmonicraft’



Review by GregBurchert

Harmonicraft is the third full-length release from Miami’s bottom-heavy rock advocates, Torche. It is the follow up to their name making release, Meanderthal (2008), which was paid much worship by the sludge junkies of the time. Harmonicraft explores the tone the band is known for, and continues to make low end frequencies relevant for rock acts. Subwoofer required.

With their third go, Torche does well to harness and develop the sound they have become known for. The thick guitar and bass tones over punching drums are key. Singer Steve Brooks’s voice has not lost its atmospheric reverb or the jam spot enthusiasm. The group has not strayed much with the new record, but they have explored more of the positive end of moods in their songwriting. The record starts with the high energy “Letting Go”. It’s a two minute sprint of righteous drums like an army of canons. Then there is songs like “Roaming” and “Snakes Are Charmed” that are proof positive that major scale based rock can exist and manage a good kick in the mouth, musically speaking.

The record lets up with the drag racing pace it lures the listener in with on occasion. The slower tunes like “Reverse Inverted” still have the energy to warrant a bar fight, or a thrown chair at the least. There is also “Looking On”, a dark, Sabbath-style track ending Harmonicraft with screaming guitars and blaring chord hits.

The Final Word: Harmonicraft does not disappoint. All the ingredients are still in play for those veterans that wish to inquire. With their third record in the bag, Torche maintains full killing capacity while sporting a humble arsenal.


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