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[TV] A Look Inside Last Week’s “American Horror Story: Asylum”

As I continue to struggle through the bland and ominous season finale of American Horror Story: Asylum,” FX has released a behind-the-scenes look at episode 12, “Continuum,” which aired last week.

In “Continuum”, which aired January 16, “A deadly new inmate threatens Sister Jude’s (Jessica Lange) chance of release from Briarcliff. Grace’s (Lizzie Brocheré) obsession with the aliens turns violent.

It was written by Ryan Murphy and directed by Craig Zisk.



  • weresmurf

    Gotta really disagree with you.

    The ending was never a slog for me. Really enjoyed seeing Judes ending, Kit I thought was treated nicely. I think in the long run, I’m glad they never made a gigantic deal out of the whole alien thing? I know they could have but I’m glad there’s an air of mystery surrounding it. Thredson and Bloodyface were superbly explained, and the way it goes back and re-shows you episode 1 with the arm? Superb. It was a great way to tie up the loose ends. Showing the Cardinals fate was fantastic. I dunno who regularly pisses in your cornflakes, with hating TWD season 3 (granted 2 sucked and 1 was overrated but 3 has been pretty damn neat), but AHS:A has been consistently fantastic.

    • ThunderDragoon

      I completely agree with you. AHS:A was amazing.

  • Nothing333

    Agreed weresmurf the ending was beautiful. It made you realize how much you cared about the characters of Braircliff.

    • weresmurf

      Exactly, I had a warm feeling inside regarding Jude and her fate. It was great seeing Kit able to forgive her and help her in her final days. Knowing deep down she was a good person who did bad things, helped with her character immensely. Seeing Lana and her eventual way through life was brilliant. The ending, I can’t think of anything better. I just loved the look on McDermotts characters face…

  • Kroork

    I was very disappointed by the ending of this season.

  • Zombie-Killa

    Again, I enjoyed this season AHS as a whole, BUT I wasn’t a fan of the last three or four episodes. Plus, (and for me this was a big problem for AHSA) too many episodes felt too big.

    During the home stretch of AHSA, they started killing off major characters left and right, and truth be told, a lot of the deaths (i.e. Sister Mary Eunice and Dr. Arden) felt so rushed, underdeveloped, and anti-climatic. AHSA tried so hard to hit so many home runs with major plot twists and SHOCKING SURPRISES, and by the time they reached the season finale, I was already exhausted. And I couldn’t shake this “what else can they possibly do now?” feeling.

    With all that said, the season finale was satisfying enough. I LOVED the final confrontation between Lana and Johnny. It was emotional, tense, and I seriously had NO idea what would happen next. I was literally on the edge of my seat, because I was waiting for someone to pull the trigger.

    And watching Sister Jude readjust to the real world was just gut-wrenching. Jessica Lange is just phenomenal, and she really gave it her all in the finale. So yeah, the I enjoyed the finale, but at the same time, I was already burnt out from the hectic roller coaster ride in the previous episodes.

    Oh well, bring on season 3!

    • weresmurf

      I will agree completely with you, that they did indeed waste Sister Mary Eunice. My thoughts were they should have had an Exorcism episode. The ‘Cardinal’ should have exorcised her with Jude in the room, the episode possibly should have played out with him realising he wasn’t strong enough to exorcise her after all and murdering Sister Mary Eunice while the demon was held in place in her body via ceremony with crucifixes etc. Just an idea, but I think it would’ve been far more rewarding than ‘OOPS There ya go, over the rail!’ I was ok in the end with Arden in the oven, because you got to see his mental breakdown, but again, too many deaths too close together, I agree, did weaken it a bit. So yes, I think you’re on the money.

  • Aaron Emery

    I just want to chime in and say I thought the finale was wonderful. Watching Sister Jude recover while simultaneously deteriorate was both beautiful and heartbreaking, I nearly cried as she passed on but instead I was smiling. The way she greeted death was uplifting. At first I was a little irritated that the alien subplot wasn’t fully explained but realized that it didn’t need to be; we have enough information to draw our own conclusions. Lastly, in the previous episode I started to think Lana had become this person I didn’t like, I was wrong. She deserved every reward she was given and watching her shoot Johnny in that final scene proved her strength, the whole season she fought her way through and this part was no different.
    THAT is a season finale! Very powerful.

  • Kristofer

    Let’s spend 12 episodes building story lines and “developing” characters.

    Let’s spend the last 13th episode destroying all that shall we?


    But last night proved that season 2 was in no way my cup of tea. From the beginning til the end I told myself to keep watching because I’d fall in love just like season 1.

    That never happened, and I pretty much wasted my time because I still hate it.

    I tolerated Lana up until this episode, I always thought she was so bland and yet equally annoying. But I didn’t hate her. Until in this episode she showed her true colors, she’s a stupid bitch who I really wanted to see get her head blown out. Unfortunately. That didn’t happen. I actually felt sorry for Johnny. Lana should of got what she deserved. Her actions were always self centered and attention seeking. It was sad to see sister Jude go like that, but unfortunately I saw a lot in common for Jude and Lana. They were both selfish and bigoted. Jude made her mistakes, and even her attempt at redemption didn’t fix her for me.

    Kit, Kit is meh. I didn’t get any of what was going on with the whole Grace, Arma threeway thing and it didn’t interest me at all. The veiwer should be able to relate to the characters, with the whole 2 baby mamas and aliens at hand. I kind of just wanted to see them all fly away in a space ship and be done with it. But no, the process become prolonged.

    Also, this is the finale episode, yet half the characters and story lines felt abandoned episodes ago. I should be reflecting on the whole Mary Eunice and Arther thing yet at this point they’ve been completely forgotten. And that whole anticlimactic storyline really pissed me off, as it was the only one I had interest in.

    This season, I honestly hated it. And it will never compare to the success of season 1 in my mind. Glad it’s over, and unlike season 2. From what I’ve heard about season 3 I’m already actually excited! Finally, real characters again next season!

    P.s. I really fucking hate Lana, as I’m gay I understand the struggles we go through, what we face. She just came across as a prudish bitch. Like her struggles meant nothing, like she has nothing to be grateful for. She managed to survive a horrible ordeal and live a successful beautiful life. Yet she has nothing to be grateful for from it. She should of been a woman who managed to overcome her trauma from the years before her. Yet she still just sat there, just being a victim to it.

    It drove me nuts! I just wanna see her die haha. Isn’t there like… An alternate ending haha? Oh well, I’ll live.


  • EvilHead1981

    The ending was shit. Though, I think it was inevitable, considering it was like they had too much on their plate regarding this season. Maybe going for a more minimal approach in season 3 would be the best thing for it.

  • Aaron Emery

    Am I in the vast minority of people that DIDN’T think there was too much going on this season? I think the whole point was to show several aspects of insanity within the asylum. The real villains were not the residents, no each staff member had some sort of darkness whether they were following orders or giving them. The main cast of patients each had their light, for Kit/Grace/Alma it was the aliens that blessed them with new life and love, which in turn gave Kit the power to forgive. Sister Jude’s light was in understanding her own faults and becoming a more complete person; her acceptance of death as opposed to her past fear of the “dark angel” came only when she had truly lived. Lana’s happiness was much darker, in order to move on she had to admit her lie about her son and then kill him. She is the only one that had to continue living with everything that happened.
    Not everything needs to be explained within the show, that’s what our minds are for. Whether or not you agree with everything I just wrote is completely up to you, just try and use your own creativity rather than blame the show. 🙂

    • djblack1313

      Aaron, that’s a really great assessment/review! very well said, my friend! 🙂

    • Nothing333

      I’m just going to echo Dj. Very insightful and well put Aaron. I couldn’t agree more.

  • flesheater24

    I thought it was an awesome ending to an amazing show. I think kit was always and alien. And i think lana was always evil but thats just me. Its a better endin then last years. I still want to see harsher season finales. On a side not anyone catch fringe series finale ? Did anyone like it I thought it was meh way better then lost but it could of been more epic and way better. But I wasn’t depress or anything with it.

  • djblack1313

    i admit i really disliked eps 11 & 12 but i fucking LOVED the finale! i completely cried watching Sister Jude’s parts when she got out of the asylum. i was SO happy that she was out of there and i LOVED so much that Kit (& his family) basicaclly “adopted” her. so i got all misty eyed that she finally had a family (the kids adored her). when she was about to die and was giving final words to her grandchildren (i LOVE LOVE LOVE that the kids called her nanna(?) or grandma!! so sweet!) i totally cried (i lost my little brother & my mom from cancer, 2 months apart, last year and how Sister Jude was acting was SPOT ON identical to how my mom behaved towards the end…yeah needless to say i balled my eyes out at this part in the show.

    i don’t know where people are getting that Lana was evil. yes, she was career driven to the 100th degree but name one thing she did that really could be classified as “evil”. her killing both bloody faces was heroic. Sarah Paulson was simply INCREDIBLE this season. Lange is always top notch but Paulson gave her a run for her money.


  • wildgator25

    No need to delve into why I was extremely disappointed in the last 3 episodes as the negative comments above mine explain my feelings exactly. I hope next season is better than this one, but it may be time to abandon the whole idea of bringing back the same actors/actresses for new roles. It took me until mid season to stop calling Kit by his first season’s name Tate.

  • Taboo

    I loved the ending! For me it was perfect way to end such a crazy season. I can’t wait for season 3 🙂

  • Joe-Banger

    I liked the ending, it was fair. I already miss Season 2 dammit!

  • romeostruedude

    I found the ending to be BRILLIANT! I loved how Lana’s documentary was based heavily on the WILLOWBROOK: THE LAST DISGRACE documentary of mentally challenged kids being abused and locked inside of a dark dreary school to take care of themselves and smearing their feces on themselves and having no one to care for them. My hurt so much more for Judy Martin. It was extremely sad but I was happy she passed away and was happy about it. And, Lana was very career driven. But, for a girl who was locked in an Asylum for her sexuality, then got kidnapped, raped, and then abused…then having to see the dead body of her lover…I believe she had every right to be the person that she was. She regrets not saving Jude. It was the ending that she wanted, but did not get. And the ending made sense, Evil will always look back at her. Briarcliff. Even though she was able to close the doors to that insane asylum…it lived on through her son the minute he became the evil person that he was. But the minute she shot him in the face only was she truly free from Briarcliff’s evil stare. The legacy it had helped create.

  • romeostruedude

    Besides, has EVERYONE FORGOT HOW WORSE SEASON 1’s FINALE WAS?! IT WAS SO TERRIBLE! It truly had no ending to no ones fate!

    It was rushed and there was no “style” to it. It had no care for it’s characters. This finale was truly amazing. Especially, since this season was VERY dark and gray. It was very doom and gloom. No sense of hope whatsoever.

    This finale could only be very terrible is if you already did not invest yourself in the characters and their hardships…and to finally cut you like an onion to see just how much you will cry to the core of it all.

    • djblack1313

      romeo, how did the Harmon’s fates remain unfinished? they remained there as a happy family with Moira now a part of that family. i enjoyed ssn2 but ssn1 (IMO) was a million times better. ssn2 was just a cluster fuck with some good moments.

    • kevnk

      i dint see anything vague about the season 1 finale. the family, in death, finally got what they couldn’t get while they were alive, which was to be a happy family. and now they plan to protect other people from meeting the same fate so many other people met in that house. Constance kept the baby, which we all see is going to grow up to be a monster like his father. i thought it was pretty kick ass actually.
      how do ya figure there was no closure to the characters?

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