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Milan Records To Release Digitally Re-Mastered Soundtracks For ‘The Third Man’ And ‘Vertigo’

Milan Records will be releasing digitally remastered editions of classic film soundtracks, including Anton Karas’s score for Orson Welles’ The Third Man as well as Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo, composed by the fantastic Bernard Herrmann. The Third Man will be released Feb. 25th while Vertigo will come out Mar. 11th.

Check below for more information.

Per the official press release: “The pioneering original musical score, composed by Viennese musician Anton Karas, was only performed on the zither, the harrowing sound perfectly complementing this dark classic.

Per the official press release: “Composed by Bernard Herrmann in little over a month in 1958, this hauntingly beautiful soundtrack accentuates Hitchcock’s tale of destiny and unreality. In an interview discussing the best music in film, Martin Scorsese said “Hitchcock’s film is about obsession, which means that it’s about circling back to the same moment, again and again… and the music is also built around spirals and circles, fulfilment and despair. Hermann really understood what Hitchcock was going for – he wanted to penetrate to the heart of obsession.” The original recordings for the soundtrack were actually performed in London and Vienna by Muir Mathieson, a musician’s strike prevented them from being conducted by Hermann in Los Angeles. With the score playing such a strong role in the building the suspense and anticipation that is key to the film’s climatic ending, this is a must have for all Hitchcock fans.

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