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DC’s April Is ‘WTF Certified’!



This April, DC Comics plans to add a bit more WTF to their titles. For the month of April, DC books will all have a “WTF Certified” cover scheme. This means that the New 52 titles will feature big and sweet gatefold covers, with the hidden right half revealing some surprising images.

The full concept of the scheme was revealed today with the full cover for “Detective Comics” #900, a special issue by John Layman and Jason Fabok that features an army of Manbats and the tagline “What Is The 900?” Check it below.

Along with the logo, BuzzFeed also teased a few beats that readers can expect from “WTF Certified” comics:

• Booster Gold reappears while an entire team disappears
• One team is trapped in a bottle while another is changed completely
• Some heroes change their colors and other change allegiances
• Pandora battles to the death
• A close encounter of The Dark Knight kind
• There’s a new, old Creeper and some old New Gods.
• One hero quits, and another hero dies


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