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This Fan Illustration Of ‘Minecraft’s’ Enderman Will Haunt Your Dreams

For Minecraft fans, the Enderman might not inspire the same fear the Creepers do, but they’re definitely the most unsettling of the many monsters found in the game. Their ethereal presence, pitch black bodies, freakishly long arms, and silent, soul-penetrating gaze give them an air of mystery that’s shared by Slenderman, the legend that inspired them. They also have an annoying fondness for moving blocks around the world, which has led to many a dirt block set atop a tree in the games I’ve played. Deviant Art user DevBurmak has crafted one of the more unnerving interpretations of the Enderman, giving it an almost alien-like appearance. Check it out after the break, but remember to never look directly into its eyes.

This isn’t the first time he’s taken on the horrors of Minecraft — he’s also created wonderful illustrations of the Spider Jockey (that one’s just adorable) and Creeper too. For more of DevBurmak’s work, check him out on Deviant Art.

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