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Rob Zombie’s ‘The Lords of Salem’ Trailer, Poster Premiere!!

In limited theaters April 19 from Anchor Bay Films is Rob Zombie’s latest foray into horror, The Lords of Salem, which stars Sheri Moon Zombie, Bruce Davidson, Jeffrey Daniel Phillips, Ken Foree, Patricia Quinn, Dee Wallace, Maria Conchita Alonso, Judy Gleeson, Meg Foster and Griffin Boice. Anchor Bay today released the film’s official trailer, as well at the one-sheet. Here’s my review out of TIFF, as well as Mike’s opposing thoughts. We’ve also added a handful of pretty great screengrabs from the colorful trailer.

From the singular mind of horror maestro Rob Zombie comes a chilling plunge into a nightmare world where evil runs in the blood. The Lords of Salem tells the tale of Heidi (Sheri Moon Zombie), a radio station DJ living in Salem, Massachusetts, who receives a strange wooden box containing a record, a “gift from the Lords.” Heidi listens, and the bizarre sounds within the grooves immediately trigger flashbacks of the town’s violent past. Is Heidi going mad, or are the “Lords of Salem” returning for revenge on modern-day Salem?

What do you guys think of the trailer and poster?

  • otruja

    I love what Rob Zombie do. Music, movies, clothing…
    Can’t wait for another masterpiece of this guy.

    • doomas10

      me too!

  • DarrelDreadful

    This isn’t going to turn out to be what I hoped for but I still want to see it because of what I’ve been hearing about it. I like Rob and respect his vision of horror. And I love the fact he’s stepped back over to original work, now I just want him to step out of his comfort zone a little. The things I like about Rob Zombie movies, is that they all look like Rob Zombie movies. He has a signature and I respect the grittiness he puts into his films. I also love the fact that his movies look like horror movies and he doesn’t go the whole “polished” look with a “America’s Next Top Model” cast. Now… I really would like to see Rob partner up with someone a little more polished than he is as far as screen writing goes. I think Rob’s ideas are great and his visuals are stunning, but his weakest area shows most in his writing. I wish he could come up with an idea write it out, have someone great and trustworthy polish it and then Rob directs it on a decent budget. I really want that one Rob movie that just has that wow factor. The Devil’s Rejects came close in my opinion and I’ve enjoyed every one his movies so far besides that cartoon which I have only seen bits and pieces of it. I know a lot of people say Rob ripped off Texas Chainsaw with House of 1000 Corpses, but Texas Chainsaw are exactly the type of movies I wish Rob would do more of could it would fit his grittiness so perfectly, again, in my opinion. In regards to this article, I haven’t liked any of the posters for this movie including that one and the trailer got me hooked better than the first one did. I look forward to “Lords” but im not getting my hopes up by any means, I just cant wait to finally see it.

    • Josh

      While this is still horror, RZ certainly made an effort to do some different things stylistically with film.

      Also, his next film is about a hockey team.

  • Boonraiser

    There was a lot about this movie that I liked when I saw it in the fall at TIFF. I would agree with a lot of what has been said about the script etc. though. Sheri is actually pretty good in this, much different than previous roles. People will be divided on this. It’s not for everyone.

  • Joe-Banger

    I almost agree 100% with otruja, I cant wait for this film and his new record! Clothing? Thats new to me.

  • Aaron Emery

    That trailer looks like a completely different film than the previous one. I personally think it looks really good and like something new for Zombie. Also the music was fantastic!! Realllly excited for this!

    **The new poster still looks like shit.

    • djblack1313

      Aaron, LOL! the poster does INDEED look like shit! why can’t this movie produce an even semi-decent poster? LOL

      • Aaron Emery

        All they’ve done is reiterate the same poster dozens of times, each one looking more photoshopped than the last.

  • djblack1313

    i’m not at all a Rob Zombie hater/basher. i actually love his H2 and H1. i was looking forward to this but i think it looks kinda lame. it has some great imagery for sure but it also seems to be meh….

    i’ll definitely check this out on DVD.

    • Jhanse3 (Jhanse29)

      I’m with you. I love his past original work but thought H1 and H2 were just mediocre. This just doesn’t look that great.

      • Aaron Emery

        The first half of H1, the half the Rob made his own, was pretty great. It was the second half, the direct remake, that felt out of place. As for H2 I loved the whole thing and feel it is totally underrated in this community; Annie’s death scene (director’s cut) is one of the most powerful I have seen in a slasher film.

        • DeadInHell

          I couldn’t disagree more. The second half wasn’t great or anything, but it was better than the excruciatingly dull and poorly written first half. Rob Zombie is just a bad writer who glides on a pre-installed fanbase, and his attempt to explore the psyche of Michael Meyers falls completely flat. It’s a bad joke that just drags on and on. The second half of the movie is welcome simply because it replaces the insufferable tedium of the half-baked origin story.

  • BornVillian

    Glad this is finally coming out. It feels like it was annonced forever ago.

  • Danny-E

    This looks fucking awful!! Rob Zombie is the worst director going in Horror today. The lead character looks like him but with blonde dreads. His sense of horror is just horrible characters dropping F-Bombs. Total hack. Before you label me a hater….I think the first 15 minutes of H2 (besides the awful dialogue) is one of the best portrayals of Michael caught on film.

  • Remember-Slithis

    The poster looks terrible!The movie looks good but confusing on purpose.Also if your going to complain about his use of the word Fuck!You shouldn’t fucking use it in your post about it three words in!Not trying to hate just pointing something out!

  • egaltt23

    Does Rob have an obsession with nappy hair? hahaha

  • staindFAN

    Im sorry but I freaking loved the trailer! Genuinely got me creeped. I like the posters too. Im a big Rob Zombie fan, love everything he’s done thus far. I also love Sherri. I can’t wait to see this, I just hope it plays near me, I want to see in a theater, but I doubt it will and I will have to wait for the eventual Bluray release.

  • Ravinus

    I think this is the type of movie that you check regardless of what any critics say. It will either be pretty good or will be absolutely stupid. Lets all hope for the former. Zombie set the bar high with Devil’s Rejects. H1 was descent but H2 fucking sucks. It can go either way with Zombie, but I’ll always give him the chance.

  • Incinerated

    I hadn’t looked at any footage before this, and this trailer looks far more polished visually than I was expecting. The way Zombie had previously sold the film as being dark, twisted, unconventional, and with a heavy emphasis on ambiance, I expected an unnervingly gritty film look that, mixed with the psychological elements of the film, could induce vomiting–for the right reasons. Why am I expecting such grandiose things of Rob Zombie? I really don’t know.

  • En_Noir

    I have a feeling this film is really gonna be a miss with a lot of people. People see “Rob Zombie” and are probably expecting a blood bath, and ruthless violence. But from what I’ve read it’s quite the slow-burn..Which is completely okay by me.
    Visually this film looks amazing, the colours are great, and I like the fact it looks a bit more polished and less gritty than his other works. I’m by no way a zombie fan boy, but I do generally enjoy his films. corpses, rejects and h1 were pretty damn good, and h2 had its moments…So I’ll definitely be seeing this one before it hits a dvd release.

  • Zombie-Killa

    I think the poster is still shit, but it’s better than the first one, if that means anything.

    As far as the trailer goes….yeah I liked the first one better, but the music had A LOT to do with that. Still a good amount of creepy stuff here, and am I the only one, who’s fallen in love with Sherri in this trailer? I’m usually one of her biggest detractors, but man she looks great here!

    But I’m kind of bummed out about Anchor Bay. I really, really, really, REALLY want to watch this in theaters, but it’s Anchor Bay, so it’ll probably be another VERY limited release. And I’ll have to wait for the damn DVD again!

  • ClasslessKing

    I think that this is going to be something interesting. Like Darrel said, I’d really like to see Rob team up with someone that has a little better screenwriting talent than he does. Most of his stuff seems a bit rushed. And please, please, can we bring back Brian Posehn for longer than the time it took to shoot him in the head? I’ll tell you, if Rob would sit down, quit focusing on his lackluster music career (at least after Educated Horses) and focus solely on film, he might have some interesting ideas that could be sculpted into a hit. Good movie or not, this is going to make some money between the limited theater release and the DVD sales SOLELY from the Rob Zombie addicts.

  • WalkingDeadGuy

    The trailer isn’t bad, certainly has Robs signature all over it. I think I would be a lot more excited if it didn’t star his wife.

  • kevinhorror

    That looks completely atrocious. I’m not a Zombie hater as i liked House of 1000 Corpses, and most of what he did with H1 and H2. And think elements of Devils Rejects are disturbing. However, this trailer leaves a lot to be desired. The movie lacks an original style as Zombie seems to favor everyone in his movies look and live in filth. I would like to see him mature as a director and direct a truly adult horror film that doesn’t star his wife, dreadlocks, bad dialogue or former 70’s actors.

  • DeadInHell

    No amount of trailers, posters, or stills is capable of making this into an item of interest for anyone other than Zombie groupies. No doubt it will be touted as an improvement over his Halloween remakes, but that’s like being whiter than Wesley Snipes. Anything would be an improvement over those remakes.

    Am I the only one slightly bothered that a film given 2/5 in the official review gets so many updates? Does it bother you, Mr Disgusting, to have to constantly post these updates on a film you don’t even care for? It seems like the constant updates and the sycophantic alternate review by Mike are a way of pleasing a niche, despite the site’s official review openly acknowledging that The Lords of Salem sort of blows.

    • djblack1313

      DeadInHell, yes, you are the only one. no one is forcing you to visit this site or to read anything regarding this movie. stop being a douche. and this is coming from someone who ALSO thinks this movie looks lame.

    • doomas10

      have you seen the movie? additionally, it got great reviews at the toronto festival. So I suspect watch the film first and then have a (massive) rant.

  • ThunderDragoon

    I still really want to see this. I love Rob’s work and respect him as a person. He hasn’t made anything that I hate, unlike a lot of people here.

  • Looks fantastic! His vision is unique and staggering.

  • Ress EZ

    I’m glad over half of the commentors have a great deal of tolerance towards him. I thought horror fans are exhausted of his films. Sometimes it feels difficult to talk about him and his movies as if it’s a debate between Nolan’s supporters and haters. But reading above comments show that Rob Zombie is more than welcome in the horror genre by the horror community. Even the ones with the unfavorable comments. And it absolutely gives me a big relief that I’m not the only one in his bandwagon. As for Lords Of Salem, I hope it’s another step forward for him in terms of his career in filmmaking. There’s something about him and horror that screams a perfect combination.

    • doomas10

      Rob Zombie rules as a horror director. He certainly knows how to inflict brutal violence without actually showing gore – see the Halloween films – Annie’s death is so brutal you do not even see it on screen! Additionally, the guy certainly knows how to shoot creepy imaginery and his camerawork is actually so carpenteri-sque. Sure the house of 1000 corpses was cory but that was the point. However, he already has under his belt beloved horror icons from the devil’s rejects, a strong fan base and his own style. I loved his film and I think with each one, he matures as a filmmaker.

  • doomas10

    this is going to be epic! loved the trailer! can I get geeky and mention that during the last titles of the trailer when the tag “we have always been waiting” rolls, the effect is the reptile sound from Mortal Kombat the film? God I am such a geek. Do not give a shit! This looks fantastic and the cinematography seems top notch! along with evil dead roll on april. May I need to remind everyone here that you shouldn’t hate it because it is a RZ film? It got great reviews in the Toronto festival so calm down 🙂

  • drek

    I saw this at TIFF 2012, it’s fucking horrible. Mr Zombie couldn’t answer any question the audience had and simply replied with shit like “I wanted to get weird” or “I don’t know” and that was the end of the answer. The cinematographer did a decent job and the score was decent. As a whole, be prepared to be disappointed.

  • Krug09

    Can’t get a read on this trailer. Its similar to The Devils but i thought that movie was just ok..

  • Krug09

    Oh and yes i meant “the devils” NOT the devils rejects. So you read my post right.