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DC Valentine Cards In ‘Young Romance’ Valentine’s Day Special!

These sweet Valentine’s Day cards make for some sweet collectors items, the Young Romance DC New 52 Valentine’s Day Special in print this week. Check them all out below!



  • Evan3

    @Lonmonster – correct me if I’m wrong… but isn’t that the Catwoman image that incensed hordes of comic readers when it was originally released? And now DC is schilling it to kids?! Hilarious!

    Also, what is “Grayson Beauty?” A little-known power of Nightwing? Is Cyborg speaking ebonics? We really want to send image-less cards to children saying they need to be rebooted because the continuity to date was too burdensome? These cards, across the board, are amazingly awful!

    • Lonmonster

      It’s a slightly altered version, they covered up her chest. But, yes, they’re pretty damn hilarious.

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