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10 Horror Movies That You May Not Watch With Your Girlfriend

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and love and romance are in the air! The cupids are flitting by, the chocolate factories are working nonstop, and rose bushes are pushing as hard as they can to pop out one glorious flower after another.

And just in time for this day of love and affection, Seeker vocalist Bryce Lucien put together his Top 10 Horror Movies That You Wouldn’t May Not Watch With Your Girlfriend. Trust me when I say that Lucien has not only done his research but that he’s come up with a list of films that only a true horror fan could know!

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10. The Piano Teacher (2001) by Michael Haneke
Not necessarily a “horror” movie, but Michael Haneke’s cold, unflinching, and sadistic depiction of what happens to a woman after a lifetime of sexual repression makes this, if nothing else, one of the most awkward films in recent memory. Definitely not a good one to bring home to the lady…unless of course she’s into rape and throws up every time she…well you know.

9. Possession (1981) by Andrzej Zulawski
Hardly even a film for the most seasoned horror junkie, Andrzej Zulawski’s “Possession” is a difficult one to watch. Isabelle Adjani gives one of the most menacing and uncomfortable performances in cinematic history and Sam Neill’s descent into complete madness is as brilliant as it is excruciating to watch. This is a dark, bizarre movie that starts at 10 and only gets more extreme. Recommended for dates if your girlfriend is into squid porn, demonic miscarriages, suicide, and an otherworldly Sam Neill doppelganger.

8. Breaking The Waves (1996) by Lars Von Trier
You shouldn’t watch this with your girlfriend because this is the most depressing goddamn movie ever created. Having said that, Lars Von Trier is a personal favorite and this movie is absolutely brilliant. If you don’t sob uncontrollably after watching this movie, then you have no soul.

7. The Devils (1971) by Ken Russell
A film about sexual repression, religious fervor, and superstition, this is not a film for the feint of heart. Stay away unless forced enemas, nuns masturbating with the charred remains of former obsessions, and bizarre, depraved exorcisms do it for your significant other. The final scene in this film is incredibly menacing.

6. Martyrs (2008) by Pascal Laugier
So dark. So brutal. So unbelievably evil. I always take this movie with me on tour, and without fail we’ll stay with someone or have a band on the package that think they can handle this. It always upsets everyone beyond all belief. While it’s beautiful in it’s own miserable way this is not recommended unless your girlfriend is a complete hardass.

5. Salo or the 120 Days of Sodom (1975) by Pier Paolo Pasolini
115 minutes of sodomy, rape, torture, and the “Circle of Shit”…enough said.

4. Irreversible (2002) by Gaspar Noe
Gaspar Noe’s disorienting camera work is enough to make this film upsetting, but add in an incredibly depraved scene set in a gay S&M nightclub and one of the most astoundingly brutal murders ever filmed and you have one of the most extreme works of art imaginable. And then there’s the rape scene…that 9 minute long unflinching, heartbreaking rape scene. Gaspar Noe hates you and your girlfriend. Keep this away on Valentine’s Day.

3. Antichrist (2009) by Lars Von Trier
Lars Von Trier’s second film to make my top 10 list and for good reason…this is one of the most sexually brutal films ever created. Your girl will not touch you for days after watching this film. I have learned from experience.

2. In A Glass Cage (1987) by Augusti Villaronga
Unrelentingly bleak. Utterly miserable. Monstrously disturbing. This is the kind of film that you will be ashamed of yourself for watching. There are few movies that explore the darkest places of the human psyche more intensely than this one. If your girlfriend is down to watch this movie with you then you should definitely leave her because she’s probably planning on killing you in your sleep.

1. Serbian Film (2010) by Srdan Spasojevic
You will never want to look at a girl ever again.

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