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[Exclusive] Avatar’s Tim Öhrström Shares Some Of His Favorite Horror Films

A band that I’ve been getting really hooked into lately is Swedish avant garde metal group Avatar, who released their fourth studio album Black Waltz (iTunes) last year. Songs like “Torn Apart” and “Smells Like A Freakshow” sank their teeth into my ears and are nearly impossible to get out since.

Then, when I found out that guitarist Tim Öhrström is a horror fan, I knew I had to get him to get Bloody-Disgusting a list of some of his favorites! Head on below to see which films made the cut!

Halloween 1, 2, 4 & 5; Saw the first one when I was 11 years old and it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. I love that you view it from the murderers perspective, and the fact that you never really get to know why he kills everyone.. Bloody and morbid I guess..

Omen 1; A classic! I love when kids are the bad guy! Don’t know if I should love or hate him.. Unpredictable and exciting.

Nightmare on Elm Street; Same as with the Halloween movies.. There’s nothing creepier than being murdered in your dreams.. The concept with him as a child murderer just makes him even more disgusting, but you just can’t help being fascinated about him.

Insidious; My absolute favorite! This movie puts horror on a completely different level.. There are absolutely no “false scares” anywhere in the movie. When it builds up, it always explodes and you crap your pants every time. I also love when you think the movie ends, and then another twist comes and it just gets even more screwed up.. The demon is one of the scariest I’ve seen in a horror movie.

The Shining; Yet another fantastic classic! Saw it for the first time when I was 8-years old, sneak peeked into the living room when my dad was watching it.. I remember it was the same time as the bathroom scene with that naked woman.. Got so damn scared! All ingredients are there.. Exciting and a total mindfuck. Trustworthy and bloody disgusting! Jack Nicholson is fantastic!

The Exorcist; Hard to beat this one.. It’s from 1973 but keeps well up even today. I’ve always been fascinated by demons and everything in that category, so this one is really my taste! Linda Blair acts her role fantastically and is by far the most disgusting horror-icon there is..

Misery; Insane movie. You really start to think of whether people like Kathy Bates exist in the real world. It is a truly unpleasant thought. Also one of my top movies, but I’m not really sure if it ranks as “horror”. But I think it’s a really great movie anyways..

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