Serial Killer Trilogy Becomes One-Way 'Damnation Street' - Bloody Disgusting!

Serial Killer Trilogy Becomes One-Way ‘Damnation Street’

Fox Hill Productions has optioned development and production rights to Andrew Klavan’s mystery trilogy “Dynamite Road,” “Shotgun Alley” and “Damnation Street,” reports Deadline.

Klavan has adapted the trilogy into a screenplay titled Damnation Street, described as “A neo-noir thriller about a private detective and a serial killer in pursuit of the same mysterious woman.

Producers on the project will be Samantha Lusk, Andrew Hyatt and Seth David Mitchell of Fox Hill (The Frozen, The Last Light, The Stanleys).

Klavan also wrote the novels “True Crime” and “Don’t Say A Word” which were adapted into movies.

  • DeadInHell

    This sounds interesting. A movie involving a serial killer that doesn’t have him stalking a group of kids whose relaxing vacation “becomes a nightmarish descent into depravity”? Count me in.