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‘Paranormal Activity 2’ Director Dials Up Stephen King’s ‘Cell’

Eli Roth was years ago attached to direct a big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s Cell, but ultimately passed because technology was moving too quickly. Point was, by the time he developed, filmed and released the movie, it would be “outdated.” He was right.

Either way, now out of Dimension and Weinstein Company hands, Screen Daily is reporting that Cargo Entertainment has attached Paranormal Activity 2‘s Tod “Kip” Williams to direct John Cusack, pictured, in the Stephen King adaptation. Cusack has always been attached to the project.

King and The Last House On The Left writer Adam Alleca adapted “Cell,” which “Centres on a graphic artist who struggles to reach his wife and son in the aftermath of a devastating pulse transmitted through a mobile phone network.” King’s novel is a throwback to his early apocalyptic horror novels. In a single moment, a pulse sent out through cell phones around the world turns every phone user into a crazed, murderous zombie.

Production is set to start in May.



  • anezka

    If they use an iPhone, they will be fine, because even if new versions are released, nobody is going to notice the difference anyway!

  • djblack1313

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love this book (weird “meh…” ending but still a great book!) and while i’m bummed that Eli Roth is no longer attached to direct it, i’m just happy they are proceding in limbo hell. i wonder how they will handle the floating infected deal.

    • Aaron Emery

      I started the book many moons ago and for some reason (unbeknownst to me) I never finished, guess I should give it another shot.

    • viking1983

      I am glad eli roth is not directing, it means he can’t ruin it like most of his films

    • weresmurf

      I loved the book too up until around the 3/4 mark. Then it just went wierd. I don’t mean normal Stephen King wierd. I mean incomprehensible wierd. I can see, if they do what they did with the mist, retooling the ending, it working well though.

  • flesheater24

    This book was amazing. They can easily still make it just use Iphones, ipods, and stuff.

    • weresmurf

      Absolutely. It’s more relevant than *ever*.

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