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[Toy Fair 2013] Meet The Latest Motley Crew Of “Presidential Monsters”

To commemorate “Presidents’ Day” 2013 later this month, noted toy company Heroes in Action Toys will unveil some of the newest entries in its wacky “Presidential Monsters” toy line during Toy Fair 2013 at the Javitz Convention Center (Feb. 10-13) in New York City. The “Presidential Monsters” toy line pays tribute, in “monstrous parody,” to many U.S. Presidents and other popular U.S. Government notables throughout the course of American history. Heroes in Action Toys will be exhibiting at Toy Fair: BOOTH # 5032.

Among the new action figures the company will unveil will be Hillary Clinton as “Hillvira – Secretary of Stake,” a female vampire. Another new action figure will be Sarah Palin as “Van Palin”—in a spoof on monster hunter “Van Helsing.”
Unsuccessful 2012 President hopeful Mitt Romney becomes “Romney, The Robot” – a classic sci-fi robot, and George Washington is portrayed as a Ghost with his “Spirit of ‘76” action figure toy.

Other new entries within the “Presidential Monsters” toy line will be:

** “Dr. Benjamin Franklinstein” – Ben Franklin as a Mad Scientist
** “Algor” – Former VP Al Gore as Lab Assistant “Igor”
** “Jacksferatu” – Andrew Jackson, Old Hickory, as an Ancient Vampire
** “Yeti Roosevelt” – President Teddy Roosevelt as a Yeti monster
** “General Eisenhowler” – Ike as a Wolfman
** “Jimmy Pea Nutz” – Jimmy Carter as a “psycho”
** “Martian Van Buren” – the late president Martin VB as a Vintage TV Martian
** “Young Frankenford” – Gerald Ford as a Frankenstein
** “U-Headless S. Grant” – Ulysses S. Grant as a Headless Horseman
** “Lyndon After Midnight” – a spoof of President LBJ

These new figures, which range in price from $ 19.99 to $ 29.99, join a number of previously existing “Presidential Monsters” from the Heroes in Action Toys line, first launched in 2011. (Click here to view these toys) Previously existing toys include:

** “Lincolnstein” – Abe Lincoln as Frankenstein
** “Baracula” — President Obama as Dracula
** “Wolf Bill” — President Bill Clinton as a Wolfman
** “ZomBush” — President George W. Bush as a Zombie
** “Monster from the Watergate Lagoon” – President Nixon as a “fish monster”
** “The Phantom of the White House” – President Kennedy as “The Phantom of The Opera”
** “The Ronmy”—President Ronald Reagan as “The Mummy”




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