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AMC To Release ‘The Walking Dead (AMC Original Soundtrack – Vol. 1)’ And It Looks Terrible

Fans of The Walking Dead have been clamoring nonstop for an official soundtrack of Bear McCreary’s compositions. There are Facebook pages, petitions, and more, as fans make their voices heard. For the longest time AMC ignored these pleas and composer McCreary was left without an answer when fans turned to him asking, “When will a soundtrack be released?”

Well, AMC appears to have swayed and has unveiled a Mar. 19th release date for The Walking Dead (AMC Original Soundtrack – Vol. 1), which is now available for pre-order on iTunes (those who pre-order get an instant download of Jamie N Common‘s “Lead Me Home”). However, it is terrible. Consisting of eight tracks, there is not a single original piece of music on the soundtrack. There is McCreary’s main theme but it’s a remix by UNKLE. The rest of the soundtrack consists of licensed songs that are going to be used in the upcoming second half of season 3.

Maybe I’m a bit off, but if fans are clamoring left and right for Bear McCreary’s original compositions as a soundtrack, wouldn’t you release Bear McCreary’s original compositions as the soundtrack?!

Head on below for the track listing as well as a description of which song will appear in which episode.

Per AMC’s blog post: Already, two incendiary tracks have been debuted in the first half of Season 3: Emily Kinney and Lauren Cohan’s powerful folk elegy “The Parting Glass,” and Baby Bee’s guitar-heavy zombie blues jam “Love Bug.” Next up, Jamie N Commons’ “Lead Me Home” will figure prominently in Episode 12, “Clear,” on Sun., Mar. 3, followed by Fink’s “Warm Shadow” (Dactyl Remix) in Episode 13, “Pale Horse,” on Sun., Mar. 10 and Voxhaul Broadcast’s “You Are the Wilderness” in Episode 14, “Prey,” on Sun., Mar. 17, all leading up to the album’s release date.

The Walking Dead (AMC Original Soundtrack – Vol. 1) track list:
1. Jamie N Commons – “Lead Me Home”
2. Bear McCreary – “Main Title Theme Song” (UNKLE Remix)
3. Voxhaul Broadcast – “You Are The Wilderness”
4. Baby Bee – “Love Bug”
5. Fink – “Warm Shadow” (Dactyl Remix)
6. Of Monsters And Men – “Sinking Man”
7. Emily Kinney and Lauren Cohan (Beth & Maggie Greene)- “The Parting Glass”
8. Delta Spirit – “Running”

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  • djblack1313

    i agree Jonathan! this is fucking stupid and IMO a “fuck you TWD fans!!” from AMC or the producers or whoever chose to release this soundtrack instead of Bear’s amazing works. and then to add insult to injury, instead of AT THE VERY LEAST(!!!) giving fans the opening theme (i love it!) they give a lame fucking remix?!!

    again, so fucking stupid.

  • JonOfTheShred

    So they’re basically releasing a “Soundtrack” instead of releasing the score.

    But like you said, fellow Jonathan, no one even wants the soundtrack, because these songs can likely be easily pirated right off Youtube. People wanted the orchestral cues and background ambience.

    It seems like AMC is trying to fuck up the Walking Dead as much as possible in every area besides marketing. (Cutting the budget to give more money to Mad Men, constantly getting into arguments with show runners, limiting the budget of the highest rated show they’ve ever had, etc.) They can’t even get the “Walking Dead Music: Volume 1” right?

    C’mon, AMC, the fuck?

  • Dr.murder

    AMC can’t afford to helm this show. So there selling off shit to the viewer like that new Activision game and this lousy soundtrack. People will buy it. It will suck and they will eventually kill this show and make sure that no one else can make it. No worries though. They are ass raping the Psycho storyline for their new show so we have a back up.

    • This-is-Beetle

      A&E is doing Bates Motel.

  • Dr.murder

    At least Showtime isn’t making this show. After season one they would have replaced the make up and effects with cartoons like they did Masters of Horror. God I miss that show. (Season 1 not Season 2)

  • TheWalkingFlat

    To the People who get mad: Its the OS “Volume 1”
    …so i bet there will be a Volume 2.
    And why you think they dont want to earn some money with stupid fans ?
    Always the same…

  • Nothing333

    Don’t like it, don’t fucking but it. It’s as simple as that.

    • Nothing333

      *buy. Fuck!!!

      • djblack1313

        Nothing333, i agree that if people (like myself) don’t like this songs soundtrack we shouldn’t buy it but the thing that’s pissing many of us off is that they aren’t (as of now) releasing the music (Bear’s score) that many MANY people have been asking for since the show premiered.

        was anyone REALLY asking for this songs soundtrack that’s being released? and many of the songs are from eps no one has even seen yet. which means most people aren’t even aware of these songs in the show, which leads me to ask, who’s been asking for this particular songs soundtrack????

  • Mr.Mirage

    I have a terrible cold, *cough* Pirate Bay *cough* which makes me *cough* not there yet* a wee woozy. And ditto to Nothing333.

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