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Still In The Market For ‘ZombiU’ And A Wii U? Here’s Your Chance To Get Them Both

ZombiU is arguably the most original game from the Wii U’s launch lineup — zombie themes aside — because of its unrelenting difficulty, unique take on the multiplayer, and innovative use of the console’s GamePad controller. I still haven’t purchased ZombiU or a Wii U, so this newly announced offer is particularly tempting for me. It brings with it a black Wii U Deluxe console (the only version of the console that’s worth it, in my opinion), which comes with a 32GB hard drive, a digital copy of Nintendo Land, ZombiU (disc, not digital), a Wii U Pro controller, and a GamePad. You can get all this for the very decent price of $390. The bundle will be available in North America on February 17th, and if you haven’t checked out David Harley’s review of ZombiU, I recommend it.

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