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Mysterious Makinov Begins ‘Come Out and Play’ Manifesto

Out on VOD next Tuesday, February 12, Cinedigm Entertainment Group will release the mysterious Makinov’s Come Out and Play, a remake of Narciso Ibáñez Serrador’s 1976 Spanish horror Who Can Kill a Child?.

A bit of viral fun as the masked Makinov has released the first of many video Manifestos. This time, he gets angry and smashes a Blackberry.

In the film, featuring hordes of killer children, “Beth and Francis vacation before the birth of their child. Francis insists on venturing to a more serene island, Beth hesitantly agrees. They set out to a beautiful island, but soon discover it’s mysteriously abandoned, and the only people on the island are children. Beth and Francis are left to uncover the mystery of the disappearances, and a day in paradise quickly turns into a struggle for survival.

We caught the flick at last September Toronto International Film Festival, and I liked it.



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