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Who Do You Think Should Take Over ‘Green Lantern’?



Not only is Geoff Johns taking his leave from the main title in May, but DC also announced to that Peter Tomasi, Fernando Pasarin, Tony Bedard, and Peter Milligan would be leaving their respective Green Lantern titles as well. With everyone leaving the GL family, it begs the question, who should take over?

Johns’ take on the series spanned across the universe, and gathered in members of various lantern tribes to create a true space epic. He strayed from the humanity aspect of it, focusing on the notion of comic heroes as mythology. But is there the direction Green Lantern should continue striving toward, or do you want something new?

I’d love to see someone like Paul Cornell take over the main title. He proved with his run on “Stormwatch” and on “Demon Knights” that he can manage big time story lines, and develop characters with long histories. He’s currently not working on anything for DC, aside from “Saucer Country”, though he is working on the new Wolverine series from Marvel.

Other creators I would love to see take the oath are Matt Kindt (now done “Frankenstein”) or Gail Simone.

Who do you want to see write the Green Lantern titles?