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We Got Our Bloody Hands On Some Info Regarding The DualShock 4 Controllers For The Playstation 4

So today I found out from somebody who knows somebody a little bit of exciting info about the upcoming Playstation 4 Dual Shock Controllers. They are looking pretty weird and pretty awesome. I still don’t like the thumb stick placement as opposed to the Xbox Controllers, but the redesigned thumb sticks could make up for it. It definitely looks like Sony is trying to incorporate some things their competitors are doing but on a smaller scale. Head past the break for a normal sized pic, and the specs we know so far.

So here is what we know thus far:

*This is the new Dual Shock 4 prototype controller
*It has updated joysticks
*Rounded trigger buttons
*Larger grips
*Touch screen on the front
*And a speaker built in to the front as well

What do you guys think? Cool? Lame? Legit? Let us know, in the comments, below.



  • lovezoid

    Don’t understand the purpose of the speaker or having the touchscreen on the front – seems like this would be really awkward to use amidst gameplay. I thought the black rectangular area above the sticks would make more sense as a touch screen, like you could use it as an inventory window or something to quickly select weapons or items. Other than that looks much the same, but a bit more ergonomic.

  • SelfishMan912

    looks interesting but for fucks sake, switch the god damn placement of the d pad and left analog stick.

    • AfterTheAsylum

      How about no? Just get a customized controller. I prefer Sony controls and hate 360 controls, so I had a custom control made for my 360.

      • SelfishMan912

        it only makes sense with the evolution of the controller in gaming.

  • Chazz

    Looks too well built to be a Sony controller.

  • ThunderDragoon

    I just hate the touch screen idea. I really hope a touch screen is not part of the final product. It’s really not needed.

  • Genghis91

    Better ergonomics… rest is a gamble and will make separate purchases of the controller more expensive.

  • denis.quinlan.77

    Why is there a lead? are they dropping the wireless tech?

    • JonathanBarkan

      They probably have that for testing purposes. As they lock everything down they’ll install bluetooth, allowing for wireless use. It’s just what needs to be done during the design/build/test segment of development.

  • This is just a picture of WHAT the controller could look like, NOT THE ACTUAL CONTROLLER!!!! The writer of this arcticle heard this from a REAL GAMING SITE and they gave the facts that this is a preliminary picture of what the controller could look like, but it will change and then change again before we see the real controller.

  • tisbored

    The controller will probably look like the siraxis/ps2 controller in the end!

  • Sick_skwerl

    What’s the problem with the ps3 controller that even warrants a whole new one? And why the hell does everything have to be touchscreen now? If I didn’t want to use a controller, I would play a game on my goddamn phone.

  • Skratchy

    Are people actually bitching about this? This is from a goddamn developers kit. The console and the controller were designed like 2 years JUST for the people creating next gen games. It is very unlikely they will look anything like this when they’re actually sold to the public a year from now. We’ll know more for sure on the 20th.

  • LaDestruct

    I hope they just leave it be. It was good enough for the last 3 systems. why change it now!

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