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Twisted Music Video Of The Week Vol. 72: Avatar “Black Waltz”

For some reason, I’ve been finding myself eager to go to a circus or a carnival of some sorts. Something about getting a giant elephant ear and going on rickety, possibly dangerous rides is rather appealing. However, the snow and ice that is just outside my window is a constant reminder that this is simply not a possibility. Alas, I have months to go before I can even entertain the very thought.

So that’s why I turned to an outside source to get my circus thrills vicariously: Avatar‘s “Black Waltz” music video! And so I share it with you as the Twisted Music Video Of The Week! The video features singer Johannes Eckerström as ringleader to a host of twisted performers, including a woman who steps on glass, swallows fire, and lays on a bed of nails, and a man who power drills his nose as well as inserts a condom into his nose and pulls it out of his mouth. Meanwhile, the chorus is starkly disconnected, as Eckerström violently howls, “Life is so wonderful/life is so beautiful/Just smile/No one gets out alive“. Give it a watch below and enjoy your weekend!

Black Waltz can be purchased on iTunes.

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