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Panorama Acquires Faux 1940’s Sci-Fi Horror ‘It Came From Yesterday’

Panorama Entertainment, based in Port Chester, NY, has acquired North American distribution rights to the innovative science-fiction adventure film, It Came From Yesterday.

Produced in Pittsburgh, PA by the fledgling production company, Clear Conscience Pictures, It Came From Yesterday utilizes a mix of today’s digital effects technology with live action creature work and puppetry to tell the tongue-in-cheek story of a 1940’s scientist solving the mystery of an alien army with connections to his own past.

A Professor Jack Adventure is the feature film that launches scientist/adventurer Professor Jack into unknown realms of adventure! Along with his sidekicks, Buddy and Penny Precious, Jack must unravel the mysterious plot of inter-dimensional creatures hell-bent on enslaving the human race in this serial-inspired sci-fi extravaganza!

Writer/Director, Jeff Waltrowski promises It Came From Yesterday to be more than just effects laden fare, “I wanted to show the audience my interpretation of the films of the 40’s and 50’s. My love and admiration for the craftsmen who really pioneered not only a genre, but filmmaking itself. When you watch It Came From Yesterday, you’re seeing those films through my eyes. There’s the great effects, the camp and the schtick, but there’s also a strong emotional center and characters with hearts of gold.”



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