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Review: ‘The Goon Volume 12: Them That Raised Us Lament’

Laugh-out-loud and with plenty of action, The Goon Volume 12: Them That Raised Us Lament makes for an entertaining read. While playing tribute to B-movies, writer/artist Eric Powell adopts a cartoony style that is well-worth your attention. By the time you finish reading, you’re definitely going to become a fan of “The Goon” series.

WRITTEN BY: Eric Powell
ART BY: Eric Powell
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
PRICE: $3.50
RELEASE: February 20th, 2013

What you have here is a collection of short tales that provide depth and insight into The Goon. Readers will find out more about the Goon’s family tree in “The True Life Story of Kizzie The Iron Maiden.” The next tale, “The Death Of The Goon” is a hilarious parody about superheroes and the comic book industry. “The Devil’s Drag Race” is the most exciting with its over-the-top and zany car chases. Breaking the pattern and steering away from the Goon, Mr. Opus’ origin tale explains why he hates his enemy so much.

In “The True Life Story of Kizzie The Iron Maiden,” what I really enjoyed about Powell’s writing is how he tugs at the heart strings, while hitting his mark with the comedic timing. Readers are introduced to Kizzie, who has grown up with a violent brother and a poor family. Everyone is counting on Kizzie but no one is there for her. Years later, when her brother drops off an unwanted baby at her doorstep, Kizzie isn’t sure whether to take care of the infant or walk away. Even though she isn’t his birth mother, Kizzie raises the Goon as if he were her own son.

Powell injects zany humor into some bizarre situations. “The Death Of The Goon” is a hysterical point of view about being an independent creative force in a money-making industry. Powell turns the Goon into a crime-fighting superhero, wearing tight spandex and carrying a belt with ridiculous gadgets. Even though the message is satirical, it never dives into mean-spiritedness. At its core, Powell’s message is about being true to yourself and not selling out.

My favorite is “The Devil’s Drag race” because it is a hilarious spin on road movies and car chases. When The Devil conjures up the race of a lifetime, the Goon has to drive his busted-up car while being chased by unholy drivers. After being whipped with a chain by a masked motorcyclist, the Goon performs death-defying stunts. The most exciting panels are when the Goon swerves his car and jumps over an explosion.

In his origin tale, Mr. Corpus self-narrates how he ended up becoming on the Goon’s hit list. Making for an interesting and complex antagonist, Mr. Corpus doesn’t see himself as the bad guy. He is always wondering, “Why are you applauding the man who is ruining my life?” Having an excuse for everything, Mr. Corpus didn’t force anyone to drink the poisonous spell; he only gave them instructions. Powell uses of blue and white shades of color to distinguish the past from the present.

“The Goon Volume 12: Them That Raised Us Lament” is an enjoyable collection of tales mixed with outrageous humor, action-packed sequences, and tons of heart. “The Goon” is insane, wacky, and wonderful all at the same time.

4/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – Jorge Solis



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