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The ‘Playstation 4’ Is Officially Unveiled!

The press conference is over, and the Playstation 4 Has been officially revealed! Even more crazy is they are planning on releasing the system this holiday season. Head past the break to check out all the notes I took during the press conference. Keep checking the video for the replay of the stream. It runs just about 2 hours long. It’s definitely worth the watch. I would assume someone has put it on YouTube by now. If the video past the break isn’t working go HERE to watch the stream over again if you missed it.

Head past the break for what we know so far, and the embedded live video!

Live broadcast by Ustream

The Playstation 4 system itself will be running:

A x86 CPU
A PC GPU for graphics
8 Gigs Of System memory
Supercharged PC Architecture

I don’t quite understand much of that but you PC and gaming nerds I would assume understand.

The Dual Shock 4 Controller

The leaked picture was definitely the real thing. They also announced some things you may or may not already know about the controller:

Touch pad for browsing
Regular headphone jack, built right in
Light bar
Share button (instantly start streaming with the press of the button)

Random Other Features:

*The system even when shut down can download updates, DLC, games, etc while it and you sleep.
*You will be able to instantly play anything you want from the Playstation Store, and buy it if you love it.
*Suspend the system in game so you can very quickly pick back up right where you left off in game.
*With the share button, you can stream your gaming live, have friends watch, comment, chat, and help you with your play through if you need the help.
*Quantic Dream developed an engine that has CG Film Quality characters and polygons.
*The Playstation Vita will be able to take over your game playing if you have to leave your Playstation 4, possibly to give up the living room to someone else. So you can keep your game going almost completely uninterrupted.
*The Vita isn’t the only PS device making the transition, as you will be able to create practically anything with the Playstation Move. (See video)

Games Announced:

*Killzone: Shadow Fall
*Infamous: Second Son
*Deep Down
*Capcom hints at Final Fantasy game announcing at E3
*Watch Dogs
*Diablo III

Check out the video they showed at the conference for Destiny below.

*The Witness
—Exclusive to PS4
—25 Hours Of Gameplay
—Compacted but very in depth world
—Solve many puzzles on the island you explore

*Drive Club
—Drive as a club with friends
—Challenge other clubs all around the world
—Drive the best cars around the world, in the best locations
—Real world details to a T, an insane amount of detail
—Connect via your phone, tablet and more

Capcom announces new engine code named Panta Rhei. They showed if off for their new game ‘Deep Down’ and also showed and incredible quick possible Street Fighter Teaser.

The final bit of unexpected news is that they are planning to release the Playstation 4 the 2013 Holiday Season.

(Please excuse any off, or miss-information, as I did this quickly while they talked about everything.)




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