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IFC Dates Both ‘In Their Skin’ and ‘Hellgate’ For Home Video

IFC Films revealed a March 12 DVD date for Zyzzyx Rd director John Penney’s Hellgate (formerly Shadows), which feature Saw star Saw‘s Cary Elwes. Ploy Jindachote and Paula Taylor also star. In the film, “A western businessman (Cary Elwes), his Thai wife and son experience a horrible accident while visiting Bangkok. In the aftermath, they find there is a shadow world between life and death where endless darkness lies.Midnight Meat Train‘s Ryuhei Kitamura produces.

The company also announced that In Their Skin, formerly Replicas, will arrive on home video March 12, too. “After a tragic family accident, Mark (Joshua Close, The Exorcism of Emily Rose) and Mary Hughes (Selma Blair, Hellboy, Storytelling) retreat with their son to the family’s vacation home in the woods. They are wakened early the next morning by their new neighbors, Bobby and Jane Sakowski (James D’Arcy, Hitchcock, An American Haunting, and Rachel Miner, Sons of Anarchy, Bully), who invite themselves over for dinner. What begins as merely an awkward evening turns sinister as Bobby’s questions become intrusive and his envy of the Mark and Mary becomes more aggressive. As matters escalate, it becomes clear that there’s no limit to what Bobby will do to get what Mark has, and ultimately the Hugheses’ will to survive will be put to the test.

Art for both releases inside.



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