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This Is, Without Question, Some Of The Most Stunning Horror Art I’ve Ever Seen

I don’t consider myself to be particularly knowledgeable of the art scene. I visit the MOMA here in San Francisco every now and then, but I’ll never understand the “hidden message” behind a pyramid of jeans that had been spray-painted black, which I stumbled across a couple years ago. It fascinated me, and I’m fairly certain it was some sort of statement for anti-commercialism, but because one of the great things about art is you get to take from it as little or as much as you want, I prefer to think the artist just really hated skinny-jeans. Me too, I thought to myself as I turned my attention to an orange rectangle painted on a white canvas hanging on the nearby wall, wondering if that too had a deeper message.

All that is a long-winded way of saying the art I’m about to show you has no hidden messages. It just looks insanely cool. It’s the sort of thing I want on my wall, my phone, and as my laptop’s wallpaper, just to guarantee that I can spend as much time looking at it and absorbing it as I possibly can. This is the work of Deviant Artist Chris Cold, who I’ve followed for several years now. It’s beautiful, haunting art that’s hard to turn away from. Feast your eyes on it after the break.

Chris Cold isn’t the first artist I’ve featured here, and it certainly won’t be the last. For more of Chris Cold’s work, I suggest visiting his gallery.

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