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Audience Member Lights Flare During Soundwave 2013 And Disfigures Young Girl

A tragic story is emerging from Australia as it is being reported that a young girl who was attending Soundwave 2013 received a “massive, awful burn on her forearm” [source] when another audience member lit up a flare in the middle of the crowd. There are conflicting reports on whether this flare was lit during the Metallica set on Stage 1 or the Bring Me The Horizon set on Stage 3.

So far the culprit has not been identified. However, Soundwave promoter AJ Maddah has taken to Twitter to ask for any and all help in identifying the person responsible, even going so far as to offer “…tickets, backstage and cash” [source].

A photo of the flare in the crowd was uploaded to Instagram by user stereodan. Video of a flare during Bring Me The Horizon’s set can be seen below.

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