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This ‘Resident Evil 0’ Cosplay Makes Me Nostalgic For The Old Days

Fans of the classic Resident Evil games have been clamoring for Capcom to return the series to its roots in survival horror since forever, it seems. More often than not, when you ask an RE fan what their favorite entry in the series is you’re likely to hear them say either RE1, RE2, or RE4. Unfortunately, Resident Evil 0 often gets overlooked, despite being an awesome game. I don’t see very many cosplayers taking on the game, but Akusesu has filled this RE0 shaped hole in my aching heart with some fantastic renditions of Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen. Check them out after the break.

You can find more of her work, including a ton of cosplay for various games and anime, on her Facebook and DeviantArt.

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  • ThunderDragoon

    So cool. And helloooo, Billy! XD I think RE0 gets overlooked most of the time because it was only released on the Gamecube, then later quietly got released on the Wii. While RE1, RE2, and RE4 have had many different releases over the years.

  • ttop33

    Good pictures but RE0 just mucked up the plots and characters of the first two games. They should have kept it small scale like the first one and had a separate umbrella team searching the forest and possibly running into one of the original characters like Richard or Forest from the first game. Maybe exploring other monster holding facilities and interfering with the Bravo teams mission peripherally.

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