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First Look At ‘Wolf Creek 2’; More Psychological Terror, Less Gore…

Bloody regular ‘Fear Has No Cure’ tipped us off to Australian website The Age, which has your first look at actor John Jarratt (left) as psychopath Mick Taylor with director Greg Mclean on the set of Wolf Creek 2 in South Australia. The pic is accompanied by a lengthy report from the set of the sequel that begins while seeking an authentic Australian adventure, one unlucky backpacker learns the deepest, darkest secrets of the Outback’s most infamous serial killer.

In explaining what took so long to get a sequel to the 2007 Sundance Film Festival smash hit off the ground, McLean Mclean says he did not want to be rushed into “a cheesy sequel,” but nor did he expect the gap between films to stretch quite this far. “If I’d known then what I know now about how long it would take to get this up, I’d probably have said yes to a sequel earlier.

I’m not really interested in gore and blood and stuff,” adds the Melbourne-based director, whose second feature, the $25 million crocodile film Rogue, might suggest otherwise. “I’m interested in why the character connected with Australian audiences. It’s not about being a horror film – it’s because Mick is about something else, something deep and dark in the Australian psyche.

This is great news as the worst sequels aim too high on the gore and forget about the characters. Mick Taylor is a fantastic villain, and letting him deliver the suspense is right way to go. Personally, I can’t wait for this slasher to hit the festival scene next year.



  • djblack1313

    i hated the first movie. if i give this one a chance the killer BETTER FUCKING DIE IN THIS ONE!! he needs to get his comeuppance for all the people he’s killed. if he just walks off into the sunset again….i’ll go postal. i’ll wait to see this until i read spoilers letting me know he dies or not.

    • GerryButton

      Yeah, I couldn’t stand the first one. I saw it in theaters with some friends who heard about it and we where looking forward to it until about 30 minutes in when it became clear this movie is going to be bad. I did laugh at the part with the knife though, that got a chuckle out of all of us.

      I am surprised that they are even making a sequel of this to be honest. I know some people enjoyed the first but I didn’t know it was enough to make another film.

      • djblack1313

        Gerry i hear ya! this movie opened on Xmas day 2005 here in the states and i went on Xmas day to see it. needless to say it was not a great Xmas that year! LOL. i HATED this movie. again, i’m open to this sequel but ONLY if psycho gets killed and killed BAD! LOL.

        • GerryButton

          Yeah same here in Canada, Christmas day. We all seen it Christmas night or Boxing Day I cannot fully recall.

          • dr.lamb

            that movie was just measn-spirited shit under the disguise of realism.

  • Golic

    ^ well I LOVED THE FIRST ONE! so 😛 lol

  • undertaker78

    This is getting a sequel? I guess some people liked it but I will definitely be skipping this one.

  • Full_Effect_Ed

    Less Gore?
    Welp, that ain’t gonna be hard to achieve since the first one was painfully tame in the “gore” department

    • djblack1313

      Full_Effect_Ed, i was thinking the same thing. i don’t recall the first movie being a gorefest.

  • viking1983

    wolf creek came out in 2005 not 2007

  • Ravinus

    “Personally, I can’t wait for this slasher to hit the festival scene next year.” Slasher? Greg Mclean said he’s “not really interested in gore and blood and stuff.” Sounds like the first hour of Wolf Creek to me.

  • Remember-Slithis

    I saw it on X-mas too!I also hated the film.Jarratt was good but the film wasn’t.I like slow burn Horror and Gore-fests too.The first was boring and not gory at all.Less gore means more bore!But if your a fan enjoy!

  • WalkingDeadGuy

    I must admit, I’m a little surprised at all the negative comments about the original. I agree it may not be a “fun” movie, but it does take you on one hell of a realistic ride. I thought it was a very dark, tense, and actually scary at times. It’s very well made with plenty of surprising elements, although sometimes too vicious for its own good; definitely not a “repeat viewing” type of film.

    • lucscs100

      Totally agree! I’m really surprised about the bad reviews! It was not the slasher flick you would expect, and that’s what is amazing about this! It was so real and so disturbing that I couldn’t look sometimes. It seemed like I was watching actual footage! I thought it was brilliant, and I’m looking forward to the sequel. Oh, and I still don’t understand the excessive hate.

  • flesheater24

    first one sucked hard. Maybe I’ll try it again, I always give movies a 2nd 3rd try. But It wasn’t even disturbing, let alone gory. I hope the 2nd one will be a lot better. but doubtful.

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