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From The Makers Of ‘The Raid,’ ‘Macabre’ and ‘V/H/S/2’ Is ‘Killers!!

It’s driving me crazy that we havent released Macabre (pictured above) yet, the insanely gory Indonesian flick from The Mo Brothers. While we figure that out, we worked with Timo Tjahjanto on one of the five V/H/S/2 segments. With that in the can, Timo has reteamed with Kimo Stamboel for Killers, which is being produced, in part, by the team behind The Raid, reports Twitch.

The film stars Ray Sahetapy, the veteran Indonesian actor who played the crime boss Tama in The Raid.

Developed by The Mo Brothers from a story by Nightmare Detective producer Ushiyama Takuji, “Killers is an international horror-thriller revolving around a pair of serial killers who discover one another on the internet.

Timo is also behind my personal favorite ABCs of Death short, ‘L is for Libido’.



  • wildgator25

    Loved Macabre and love “L for Libido”, so this should be awesome as well! Can’t wait to see The Raid.

    • coldblood

      You haven’t seen The Raid? Stop what you’re doing right now and watch it.

  • horrorking95

    Macabre + The Raid = One hell of a horror film! This is going on my radar!!

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