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‘Hunger Games’ Star Jena Malone Joins Victorian Ghost Story

Sucker Punch and Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire‘s Jena Malone, pictured right, is stepping into the lead to tangle with seductive specters in Victorian England.

Deadline reports that Mitchell Lichtenstein (Teeth, Happy Tears) is directing Angelica, a psychological thriller set in 1880s London based on the novel of the same name by bestselling author Arthur Phillips (Prague, The Egyptologist).

Malone will play Constance, a young shop girl who falls for and marries Dr. Joseph Barton. After the difficult childbirth of their daughter Angelica, doctor-ordered celibacy creates a rift in the Bartons’ marriage and a ghostly force enters their home.” Phillips’ 2007 novel “Angelica” unfolded its sexually-charged supernatural mystery from multiple perspectives.

Joyce Pierpoline is producing for Pierpoline Films along with Richard Lormand.



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