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[Announcement] March Is ‘Evil Dead’ Month On Bloody-Disgusting!!!

We’ve been planning this for a while now and the entire Bloody-Disgusting team is incredibly excited to announce that March is EVIL DEAD MONTH here at the site! We know most of you are incredibly stoked for the upcoming remake from director Fede Alvarez (and producers Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell), and so are we – it looks amazing! We plan on having a review when it plays next week at SXSW a full month ahead of its April 5th release date – along with exclusive interviews with the cast and crew – in addition to all of the other insanely cool stuff we have planned.

But Evil Dead Month isn’t just just about the remake. In fact, I’d wager that most of the material you’re going to see here during the next month will focus on the original films (Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2 and Army Of Darkness). As a team we’ll be talking about our favorite moments from them, why they work, what their key differences are and the overarching mythology of the franchise. Not only that, but you’ll be getting plenty of [Random Cool] installments featuring long forgotten artifacts from the Evil Dead era of the 80’s. Not enough for you? How about revisits to the old video games and soundtracks? Yeah, we’re doing everything.

Also, we’ll be running a “Deadite Of The Day” contest. We’ll make a more formal post in the coming weeks with all of the rules and regulations, but get your fan art, pictures of your Evil Dead trophies or even original YouTube videos ready. Whatever makes you a true deadite, really. We’ll feature a winner every weekday from March 25th – April 7th.

In the meantime, get ready for all of your Evil Dead needs to be met. The first piece drops in just a few minutes!




    Please, dont spoil much scenes )’:

  • rg_lovecraft

    It’s shit like this that makes BD my favorite site on the interwebs.

  • Kroork

    Yay for evil dead month!!!!! I hope the review of the movie will be spoiler free cause i wont have the will power to not read it!

  • djblack1313

    THIS is why i love this site so much!! i agree w/ rg_lovecraft. this made my day!

  • Golic

    I really hope this one turns out to be everything the trailer promises, I’m gonna be so bummed to find out it fails.

  • BabyJaneHudson

    Damn it Bloody Disgusting – you’re just making me even more excited for this film!

  • Zombie-Killa

    GREAT news! I need something to cheer me up after sitting through the dud known as The Last Exorcism Part II!

    Hopefully, you guys will do the same thing for the Carrie remake! Keeping my fingers crossed! lol.

  • Rej2012

    Is the new evil dead darting in sxsw today? I read it in a article it’s starting today?

  • Ravinus

    Please don’t spoil anything. I know it will be gorey. I know it will be all practical effects. And, I know it will be fucking awesome. That’s all I need to know before I get to see it on April 5th.

  • Scorpionsy

    YES!! More Evil Dead please!!!

    That is THE MAIN REASON why I joined BD!

    Bring it on! 🙂

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