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[BD Review] ‘The Last Exorcism Part II’ Boring Horror Loaded With Filler

Since CBS Films wouldn’t screen the film for critics, Evan Dickson hit a midnight screening of Ed Gass-Donnelly’s The Last Exorcism Part II, now in theaters everywhere, in hopes of witnessing the last great exorcism. Instead, he felt duped by yet another snail-paced film jam-packed with filler.

Since this installment drops the POV approach I was actually kind of excited for the format shakeup here, stupidly thinking that maybe things would be sped along and an actual story would be told,” said Dickson in his review. “Nope! If anything, this new sequel breaks new ground in treading water, wasting time and general narrative inertia. It’s an almost Herculean feat of nothingness.

It’s sort of a shame, too, because he says Ashley Bell’s performance is pretty great: “Bell’s depiction of Nell is good enough to deserve a better movie. At one point I considered giving the film a pass on that merit alone” that was until he realized there were still 70 minutes left in the movie…

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