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Exclusive Trailer, Poster Premiere Announces Horror Coming ‘Home Sweet Home’

Bloody Disgusting has your exclusive first look at the art and trailer for Home Sweet Home, courtesy of Gearshift Films. David Morley (Mutants) directs the film, which has been rated R for Bloody Violence, Terror & Some Language.

A young married couple experiences the ultimate nightmare when they return home to find an unexpected guest. Trapped by a deranged, methodical killer in their own home, the couple must do whatever it takes to survive his twisted game. Incredibly unnerving, Home Sweet Home is a dark and panic-filled tale not for the faint of heart.

Head inside for to check it out!



  • horrorking95

    That looks like a crap version of Inside. Of course we’re going to have the sexy woman running around in a cheerleader costume! Oh, this film cries desperation!! Although I do like the idea.

  • Nightflyre9

    Cringe-worthy! Do people who make horror movies these days actually WATCH them? Pass.

  • Erebus Dirge

    Formulaic , fossilized, fluff.

  • bubba9381

    This actually seems pretty interesting! The mask is definitely creepy and I’m getting the whole “The Strangers” vibe from this flick. I can’t wait to see it on DVD!

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