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[ECCC ’13] DC Comics: The New 52 Panel

The DC Comics: New 52 panel was jam packed with creators including David Finch, Scott Snyder, Jeff Lemire, James Tynion, Ray Fawkes, Ethan Van Sciver, Gail Simone, Matt Kindt, and James Robinson. They dove into the books quickly, chatting about all things in the New 52. The biggest news to come is that Ray Fawkes will be penning a brand new series starring the mysterious Pandora, who has been appearing throughout the DCU since the relaunch.

Jeff Lemire and Ray Fawkes also spoke at length about the new Constantine and what his story will be about in New York City. For you Batman hounds, Gail Simone is bringing The Ventriloquist back into Gotham in “Batgirl”. For a whole load of other details coming up at DC, head inside.

The panel kicked off announcing that Pandora will be coming to the front soon in her own series written by Ray Fawkes. Pandora has shouldered the blame for all that has happened in the DCU, she “opened the box”, as they say, and now she is angry, on a rampage to kill. “She will spare no one,” says Ray Fawkes. The artist is Danielle Sanpair. The first issue will drop in June, 2013.

Artwork on “Action Comics” is being taken over by former Batman scribe, Tony Daniel, this April. He promises it will be very action heavy and is happy to working just as artist for the first time in a while.

David Hine spoke of working on “JLA” with Geoff Johns. Matt Kindt spoke about the backstory that will be coming up revolving around Martian Manhunter. We will be treated to a new origin story for the Manhunter.

“Batman” was next on the docket. After dealing with the aftermath of “Batman Inc.” #8 in “Batman” #18, we will get #19 and #20 which are Scott Snyder’s ode to the animated series. After that it will dive into a new story that Snyder says is the most ambitious story he’s done in Gotham.

James Tynion is taking over “Red Hood and the Outlaws”, and he plans to focus on epic quest-style shorelines that will explore the relationships within the Outlaws.

Kyle Higgins made a special appearance to talk about “Nightwing”. At then end of issue #18 there is a twist that will send Dick to Chicago, for which there is a very specific reason. Naturally, that reason was not stated (taking Nightwing out of Gotham seems a bit strange, but let’s see where it goes).

Jeff Lemire spoke about “Animal Man”. The upcoming arc will explore our societies obsession with fame and celebrity. The end of Rotworld is going to shake up the world for Buddy Baker. Jae Lee was brought in to do covers for the book (they look beautiful).

Constantine is coming to the DCU, and Ray Fawkes describes it as allowing us to see John negotiate with a whole bunch of superheroes, which is really his origin in the DCU. John will be liking in New York City for the series, he has been outcast by the city of London because of his magic use throughout the years.

“Justice League Dark” will be venturing into a new storyline after issue #20. Swamp Thing and Flash will be joining the team for a while as the team is in New York City. It was hinted that there is a big storyline coming this summer that will involve the entire Dark Universe.

Lemire next spoke about “Green Arrow”, which he wants to make as accessible as possible for new readers. He plans to bring back some classic Green Arrow villains and allies for Oliver to be working with. There is a contest on the DC Blog right now to win a Jeff Lemire sketch.

The Mad Hatter is coming back to the pages of” Dark Knight”. Issue #18 will show Bruce Wayne making a huge life-changing decision, which DC almost did not approve.

The Ventriloquist is back up and running in the new 52 thanks to Gail Simone in “Batgirl”. SImone’s take looks to be one of the most horrifying we’ve seen in the New 52.



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