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10 Favorite Females In Horror By Knee High Fox’s Christine Connolly

Female characters are perhaps one of the hottest, touchiest topics in horror. Are they there as damsels in distress? Are they there simply for scintillating, sexual eye candy? Are they equal to their male counterparts? Regardless of the thoughts surrounding this subject, there is no argument that horror has provided some truly badass female characters.

And with all this in mind, Knee High Fox singer Christine Connolly (who also appeared in 2006’s Underworld: Evolution) has put together a list of her 10 Favorite Females In Horror, which you can check out below!

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10. Rose McGowan-Cherry Darling-Planet Terror- This movie was so campy and awesome I loved it. She was a hot as hell and I’ve got a chick crush on her. The gun leg was amazing she was a total bad ass in this. Nothing could stop her. You lose your leg? Fuck it, make a gun leg…

9. Anna Hutchison-Jules-Cabin in the Woods- This movie was one of my favorites of 2012. I loved how her character was actually really smart and they made her into the blonde bimbo that has to get slaughtered first. She had a great death scene and a great scream. I also got to say she had the kind of sex appeal and boobs I wanna see in a horror movie!

8. Elisha Cuthbert-Carly Jones-House Of Wax- Elisha is one of my great friends and it was awesome to see her scream her ass off in a horror flick. My favorite scene is when she’s getting tortured and gets her finger cut off. I love a strong horror chick character but I also love a good death/torture scene! (who doesn’t really?)

7.Chloe Moretz-Abby-Let Me In- I loved how creepy she was in this movie. It’s awesome when the female character is the one to fear but add the fact that she’s a child in this movie made her so lovable and terrifying at the same time. I am a complete horror movie fanatic and I get a lot of inspiration for the songs I write from films like this. Its very dark and sweet and creepy. A lot like me, I guess.

6. Sissy Spacek-Carrie-Carrie- This character makes you fear the quiet nerdy girl. I swear after this came out the bullies in school were probably careful with who they fucked with. The prom scene with the blood was amazing and it’s incredible to see a female character rise up and get so strong throughout a movie. This has got to be one of the best horror movies of all time, you can remake it a million times but no one can touch Sissy’s performance. I thought she was perfect.

5. Jamie Lee Curtis-Laurie-Halloween- She is one of the original scream queens and seems like an obvious choice, but she played the perfect hero in this movie. Her friends were all stupid as hell slutting around town and getting murdered by Michael and she’s the sweet girl babysitting the neighbor kid. In a lot of movies like this I’d usually root for the chick to get killed but I love how her character wasn’t a total idiot and you actually hope she lives in the end. The closet scene scared me to death, I saw this when I was crazy young and I have to say I was terrified to babysit for a long time after. There’s something about almost being murdered with a knife by a bad guy that can’t be killed that is probably the most terrifying thing ever.

4. Naomi Watts-Ann-Funny Games- This movie was so unbelievably disturbing. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt as sorry for a character as I did for Naomi Watts in this film. She played the perfect loving wife and mother and what she goes through in this film has got to be everyone’s worst fear. Beware of strangers! Her hopelessness was incredible, by the end of the film you just hope she dies so she can be put out of her misery. I’d recommend this movie to anyone who’s messed up enough to handle it.

3. Liv Tyler-Kristen-The Strangers- Her character was genius in this movie because she starts out as the bad guy who breaks her boyfriends heart and they’re both in misery having to stay in that house together one more night. Then just when you think it cant get any worse, it does. Her character comes full circle and you end up cheering for her to live. One of the reasons this movie was so special was how she didn’t play a screamy loud mess through the whole thing. She was so soft spoken it almost made it more scary. I still can’t watch this film alone. The scene when she’s on the phone and one of the strangers is behind her in the kitchen made my heart stop. She’s amazing to look at and one thing her character teaches you in this movie is TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS! She should have got the fuck out of that house the second she thought something weird was going on……

2. Linda Blair-Regan-The Exorcist- She was so amazing in this movie and there’s something about children being the thing to fear in a movie that always seems to make the stakes and the fear so much greater. The famous scene with the cross and her swearing and banging herself with it was something that no one can ever forget. The whole film you half hope they can get the demon out of her and the other half of you hopes she kills them all. She has got to be one of the strongest, most powerful characters in any horror movie male or female, yet somehow you still feel sorry for the poor little girl.

1. Marilyn Burns-Sally-The Texas Chainsaw Massacre- I have to start by saying this is my favorite horror movie of all time. The character Sally earned Marilyn the right to always be the reigning scream queen of all time. She had the perfect combination of victim innocence and fighter and survivor. The tears and screams and torture she goes through in the dinner table scene made everyone sick to their stomachs. She borders on insanity when grandpa starts sucking the blood out of her finger. She fought to the bitter end in this movie and ended up getting away alive but probably without her sanity. She was absolutely perfect and I don’t know if there’ll ever be another horror movie performance or character quite like hers.

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