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I Can’t Tell If This Art Is Terrifying Or Bizarre, You Decide

I hope you’re ready for more horrifying art, because I found some that is deeply unsettling and I just couldn’t bare another minute without sharing it. If you aren’t ready than I’m about to go full parental figure on you and just shove it down your throat like a nasty, slimy vegetable. I won’t even give you the option of eating the vegetable or going to your room, you’re going to eat these goddamned vegetables because I work nine hours a day only to come home and slave away over a hot stove – er sorry, I got carried away. Enjoy more twisted art, this time courtesy of Deviant Artist FriendlyFish, after the jump. I’m going to take a nap.

For more of FriendlyFish’s work, check out his gallery.

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  • Michael_M

    Not sure if you’re familiar with Joshua Hoffine or have previously posted about him, but his horror photography is must-see. A stunning talent who doesn’t get enough attention or credit. Does more with one photograph than a lot of filmmakers accomplish in an entire movie.

    • doomas10

      thanks for this! These pictures are incredible!

    • Darkness69

      I saw his work on some site that featured “the most disturbing images ever” or something like that. Good to know the name behind the artist too! Thanks for the link!

    • Darkness69

      the name behind the art*

    • Adam Dodd

      Those are some amazing pictures. I think I know who I’m covering next! Great find!

      • doomas10

        Hell yes!

  • ThunderDragoon

    You wouldn’t have to slave away. I would do all the house stuff. XD Cool and creepy pictures.

  • AndrewSoukup24

    I think its pretty bad ass…I like the moon one.

  • doomas10

    I would say creepy not terrifying!

  • evenscarier

    I love these!

  • Erebus Dirge

    I like how you show us /switch us on to art that actually looks like it should be concept art for a horror game. These are
    pretty creepy. If Adventure Time and Silent Hill fucked this would be the twisted offspring of their unholy union.

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