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[ECCC ’13] Oni Press’ ‘Helheim’ From Cullen Bunn



At the RevolutiONIze Comics Panel from Oni Press, James Lucas Jones and Cullen Bunn discussed Oni’s new series, Helheim, which Bunn described as a “Viking-era Frankenstein story.” The story is written by Bunn with art from Joëlle Jones. Lucas Jones and Bunn discussed the book in further details, which you can read below.

“It is the story of a war between two witches, and there’s this man caught in the middle of it, Rikard,” said Bunn. “He’s a noble and good person, and the most skilled warrior of his people and I kill him about halfway through the first issue.” Bunn continued, “It’s basically his story as he’s denied the peace that he deserves, or he felt he deserved.”

“I really like the main monster, Rikard, as a monster, and even though I have to do scar check, he’s got so many scars and staples and I think that I’m always putting them in the wrong places,” said Jones.

“Helheim” is set to debut March 6, 2013


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