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Randy Blythe Trial May Have A Verdict Tomorrow

According to WTRV, the Randy Blythe (singer of Lamb Of God) trial has begun again in the Czech Republic after a month-long adjournment due to three witnesses not being present. The first was a girl who was in attendance at the 2010 show where 19-year old Daniel Nosek suffered a head injury that later led to his death. The other two are expert witnesses, one a criminal psychologist and one a criminal psychiatrist. All three took the stand earlier today in court and offered their views.

The girl, Anna Rozsivalova, stated that she was standing close to the stage and “…described the audience as being crazy“. Rozsivalova also added, “Daniel Nosek attempted to climb the barrier to get onto the stage, but as he was pulling himself up, Blythe lifted him by the shoulders and pushed him off with two hands, from the front. She said Daniel Nosek fell backwards, and people moved away to avoid being hit.

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The criminal psychologist, Tereza Soukupova (who was appointed by the court), stated that “…Blythe, during tests, demonstrated he had problems controlling his emotions,” adding that “…these features “were not deep” and that he was not mentally ill, but that he doesn’t take enough responsibility for his own actions, sometimes “crossing social norms.”

Criminal psychiatrist Alena Gayova (appointed by the defense) said, “…Blythe didn’t display any permanent “socially promiscuous” behavioral patterns. Even when in jail, when aggressive/anti-social behavior might be understandable, Gayova said Blythe showed normal results. She added he was not “overly aggressive.”

Judges have said that a verdict is “likely” tomorrow.

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