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Take A Trip Down The Rabbit Hole With ‘The Apeiron Project’

There’s a new indie horror game trying to make it on Steam Greenlight, and it’s called The Apeiron Project. It’s a first person horror adventure game that puts you in the shoes of Steven, a man suffering from… wait for it… amnesia. He wakes up in a big old house, so I’m guessing the goal is to find the exit so he can find a gas station and get some Tylenol (that will make more sense after you watch the videos). Check it out below.

Here’s a freaky animated trailer for it:

I have no idea what’s going on in that video. Thankfully, the next one is beta footage, so it’s easier to understand.

The Apeiron Project releases later this year for Mac/PC, iOS, and Android. You can support the game by voting for it on Steam.

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