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Jorge Michel Grau Asks Damian Alcazar To Transform In Order To ‘Keep Quiet’

We Are What We Are director Jorge Michel Grau announced his latest film, Keep Quiet, around the time of the Fantasia Film Festival back in May and now details are starting to trickle in. Per Variety, Damian Alcazar (pictured above; The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian) will star in the film. Keep Quiet will be produced by Mayra Espinosa Castro of Velarium Arts and Todd Brown of XYZ Films. The project is still in the development phase.

In the film, “After the murder of his wife, Alberto decides to exile with his son, Alan. Both venture into a violent world inhabited by mean characters that frame the development of Alan’s schizophrenia: He hallucinates that his father is a werewolf, a violent creature who threatens everything – Alan included – in his vicinity. According to legend, only a loved one can kill the beast. And Alan knows the legend.

More on this one as it comes in! Keep Quiet



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