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Sam Raimi Says Something Super Funny About ‘The Evil Dead’

With Sam Raimi’s Oz the Great and Powerful in theaters March 8, and the remake of his The Evil Dead in theaters April 5, the now A-list director has been in the press spotlight quite a bit. Within the range of questions, a can of worms was opened when he sort of implied that he and his older brother would begin working on a script for Evil Dead 4 this summer. He went on to further clarify that he really had nothing else to work on at the moment, and being that the fans wanted it, why the heck now? It sounded encouraging.

Further adding to the conversation, Vulture asked him about about remake for his 1981 The Evil Dead, questioning if it was flattering to realize that this small film made in 1981 still commands such a loyal following.

His response is absolutely hilarious.

I don’t look at it that way,” said Raimi. “Rather, I look at it as, ‘What a sorry state the world is in that it has come to this!’ [Laughs.] The lowest-budget, B-movie, drive-in picture is elevated to this status? That’s really how I look at it!

It’s no wonder that Raimi has been so incredibly hesitant to revisit the pages of the Necronomicon, Ash and all of his deadite glory. There couldn’t be anything more embarrassing than for Raimi to deliver an Evil Dead 4 and to to have it flop – and if he believes there’s no audience for it, why would he want to even scratch the surface? Hopefully the online press and potential success of Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead really stoke the fire within…




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