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Sam Raimi Says Something Super Funny About ‘The Evil Dead’

With Sam Raimi’s Oz the Great and Powerful in theaters March 8, and the remake of his The Evil Dead in theaters April 5, the now A-list director has been in the press spotlight quite a bit. Within the range of questions, a can of worms was opened when he sort of implied that he and his older brother would begin working on a script for Evil Dead 4 this summer. He went on to further clarify that he really had nothing else to work on at the moment, and being that the fans wanted it, why the heck now? It sounded encouraging.

Further adding to the conversation, Vulture asked him about about remake for his 1981 The Evil Dead, questioning if it was flattering to realize that this small film made in 1981 still commands such a loyal following.

His response is absolutely hilarious.

I don’t look at it that way,” said Raimi. “Rather, I look at it as, ‘What a sorry state the world is in that it has come to this!’ [Laughs.] The lowest-budget, B-movie, drive-in picture is elevated to this status? That’s really how I look at it!

It’s no wonder that Raimi has been so incredibly hesitant to revisit the pages of the Necronomicon, Ash and all of his deadite glory. There couldn’t be anything more embarrassing than for Raimi to deliver an Evil Dead 4 and to to have it flop – and if he believes there’s no audience for it, why would he want to even scratch the surface? Hopefully the online press and potential success of Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead really stoke the fire within…



  • joe666

    I don’t understand his response. Does he think that the fans of the first movie are some sort pathetic or something?

    • S.J.Mason

      I read it as more of a self-deprecating comment rather than a shot at the fans. But you do have a point there, it could be taken that way!

    • divisionbell

      That’s pretty much how I took it

  • Kroork

    Yeah, I took it as a dig at the fans. Kinda getting the impression he doesn’t respect the fans.

    • dr.lamb

      The George Lucas of horror ?

      • flesheater24

        HAHAHAHAH lucas is he even alive still ?

  • lucscs100

    I’m sorry people, I know it’ll break your heart but… It was just a freaking joke… You guys are kinda paranoid…

  • flesheater24

    LOL that comment was lame. Hey rami stop being a pussy and make the fuckin movie. What’s the big deal if you make it Are you fuckin scared or something ? because I am sorry to tell you this, your spiderman films SUCKED HUGELY. So just give the fans what they want, its not like the film will cost you so much to make.

    • weresmurf

      Because if anythings gonna make him, acting like a cunt and insulting him sure will!!!!

  • Ravinus

    Oh, that’s so absolutely hilarious. Get your nose out of his ass.

  • Scorpionsy

    You guys are taking Raimi’s comments too seriously and literally. This guy is a joker and a prankster…he likes to torture viewers (as in Evil Dead)…his actors (as in Bruce Campbell on the Evil Dead sets)…and now he is just teasing his fans too. It’s a dry kind of humor…but that is just Raimi. His ego might have been inflated a bit by his success in Hollywood (that’s what Hollywood does to people most of the time)…but he still appreciates his fans. He is giving us another Evil Dead in the remake…and he supervised it along with Campbell to ensure it stuck to the vibes of the original movie. Yes, it is also a business investment also…but this is a business in the is here to make money. Be grateful he is making another QUALITY Evil Dead…as it could have been a joke of a disaster…and he could have just completely ignored fans nagging to make another Evil Dead altogether. At least we have something to look forward too.

    Remember, he went back to doing Horror in between big movies…after the Spider-Man trilogy ended (and after he left the part 4 production)…and made a horror/comedy movie in Drag Me To Hell. Now after Oz: The Great and Powerful…I have a feeling he will want to do another lower-budget movie for his Ghosthouse pictures..and that movie could very well be the sequel to the Evil Dead Remake (I feel that is the bigger possibility) or just do a fan-service to the original trilogy and actually DO an Evil Dead 4/Army of Darkness 2 whatever movie. So, don’t get all upset by him taunting and teasing…he has something he is cooking up with his brother and we don’t know what exactly…but if he said he did (especially now with the new movie coming out and the attention he got from what he said about writing a new script) he will be delivering something for sure.

  • Aaron Emery

    Oh wow, the comments are far more hilarious than the comment. I can picture all these little emo fanboys crying at home because they are over-analyzing a tiny little comment! Glad Mr. Raimi has a sense of humor, because you folks certainly don’t.

    • Aaron Emery

      oops ^the comments here are far more hilarious than the comment by Raimi^

  • lovezoid

    ‘Who’s laughing now…whooo’s laaaaughing noooow-howwwwwahahaha?!!!’

  • Incinerated

    Honestly, he should stay away from a Evil Dead 4. This comment shows how lightly he takes the films.

    Not that we didn’t know that. The sequels progressively got sillier. Evil Dead 2 with its slight bit of silliness is my favorite with a well balanced tone, but look at the next step in Army of Darkness and then imagine what a step beyond that would look like. Drag Me To Hell was even goofy. Can he do serious horror at this point?

    The return of Bruce Campbell would be well received but secretly (<at the very least) everyone would hate the end product of a Evil Dead 4 from Raimi. This remake looks so promising that I doubt Raimi could even compete in his universe.

    • Incinerated

      Really, I love goofy horror. Somehow I think a ED4 from him would feel really dated, insulting, and awkward. I probably would enjoy it, but I have little doubt I’d enjoy the upcoming remake more.

    • Scorpionsy

      I just want to remind you that the goofiness/silliness of Army of Darkness was because the studio interfered with Raimi…and ultimately he was not in control of the movie’s final decisions…the Studio Execs did that and as you know that usually means very bad choices and not respecting the source material. The movie ended as a PG-15 or 13 or something but was not R rated anymore like the previous 2 movies. If Raimi had his way, he would have kept the same tone as Evil Dead 2 at least in terms of the Horror/Dark humor ratios.


    It’s nice that Raimi is self-deprecating and all, but I don’t believe he’s thinking clearly about film history. As a kid born in the 70s, I remember nearly EVERY game-changer was an independent film. If the big studios went all out to make an impression, it was usually in response to an independent filmmaker’s previous effort. I hardly agree that it means film is in a sorry state if low-budget, independent productions are pushing the boundaries.

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