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Another “The Walking Dead Theme Goes Metal” Video For You

Apparently there is something about Bear McCreary’s theme for The Walking Dead that brings out the metal in people. Below is YouTube user Bryce Goertzen‘s rockin’ cover of the now infamous theme. Give it a watch and lemme know what you think!

Personally, I think it’s a bit too shredtastic and in-your-face but I’ll give the guy a few things: 1) Those are some seriously practiced guitar faces/poses. I think he’s got one of those ballet studio mirrors that spans a whole wall in his room just so he can see how metal he looks. 2) Anyone that has a Jeff Loomis Schecter guitar is okay in my book. I’ve always wanted one of those guitars but that could be because I think it’ll magically transform me into a songwriter of Nevermore caliber. Delusions of grandeur, I know, but one can hope.

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