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Review: ‘Colder’ #5

Everything has been gearing up for this installment as Colder #5 ends on a riveting and fantastic conclusion. Ending with a bang, the “Colder” series finishes its tale with such fast-paced storytelling and vivid visuals.

WRITTEN BY: Paul Tobin
ART BY: Juan Ferreyra
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: March 6th, 2013

During a deadly inferno, an evil and sadistic entity, known only as Nimble Jack, came out of a portal. Since his first encounter with Jack, Declan has been stuck most of his life in a deep coma. Jack though has lived a long life by killing innocent lives whenever he pleased. After being awakened by his nurse, Reece, Declan realized his body has dropped below freezing temperature. Declan has a chance to stop Jack but Reece gets caught in the crossfire. Holding her hostage, Jack will do everything he can to torture Jack before he finally finishes off with Reece.

Writer Paul Tobin shows just how dangerous and deadly Nimble Jack is during his confrontation with Declan. Because Declan has something personal to lose, Jack uses Reece as if he were a cat playing with a mouse. In a scene with layers of subtext, Jack uses Declan’s feelings for Reece as a way to break him. In a dimly lit-restaurant, Declan holds Jack as his prisoner while drinking a glass of red wine. During their suspenseful conversation, monstrous flies are swarming over their heads.

Tobin unlocks a piece of the mystery that goes back to the first issue. In a creative use of flashback, readers get to see what happened before the deadly inferno. To demonstrate how much they need each other, Jack is holding an important piece of Declan’s memory as a bargaining chip. Readers will be left wondering, who really started the fire back then, Declan or Jack?

The major reason why I really enjoyed the “Colder” series is Juan Ferreyra’s terrific illustrations. When readers visit Jack’s insane world, colors are washed away, leaving only grey and black tones. The color red pops out when Declan slams his fists into Jack’s face. After thinking he has killed Jack once and for all, Declan turns around and sees hundreds of Jack copies, cheering for the fight to go on.

My favorite part of the issue is when Jack decides to fight back. Jack jams his fingers into Declan’s face, pressing his fingertips underneath the skin. Delivering on the creepy imagery, Ferreyra makes it look like Jack is pulling Declan’s flesh off his face. Adding to the grotesqueness, Jack is trying to put his entire head into Declan’s elongated mouth.

Ending on a spectacular note, readers will be very satisfied with the finale in “Colder” #5. Definitely pick up the “Colder” series for the amazing artwork. I am very excited to see what the next projects will be for writer Paul Tobin and artist Juan Ferreyra. These are two names you have to look out for.

4/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – Jorge Solis




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