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[BD Selects] Swedish Cabin in the Woods Slasher ‘Blood Runs Cold’ Hits Theaters, VOD!

With Evil Dead hitting theaters next month, we thought it was a good time to announce our next BD Selects title that brings a chill to the cabin in the woods subgenre.

We’re excited to bring you Sonny Laguna’s horrific cabin-in-the-woods slasher Blood Runs Cold as part of our Bloody Disgusting Selects film series. It will be released in select theaters on March 22 (buy tickets here), on VOD March 26 (details) and on DVD July 2.

Influenced by the works of Raimi and Carpenter, “In the dead of winter, Winona, a successful musician looking to relax and find creative inspiration, returns to her hometown to stay in a cabin rented by her manager. When she arrives, she coincidentally runs into her old boyfriend and some friends. Continuing their reunion at the cabin, the houseguests quickly discover that they are not alone; something horrific lurks underneath the floorboards. Blood Runs Cold is a frostbitten slasher that turns the snow red with gore.

Check out the theatrical trailer and images inside.

Written and directed by Sonny Laguna through Swedish-based production company Stockholm Syndrome Films, the English-language film premiered at London’s FrightFest in 2011. With a classic, terrifying villain, Blood Runs Cold showcases the far-reaching talent of its filmmakers to deliver a film that truly keeps you chilled to the end. Written and produced with frequent collaborators Tommy Wiklund and David Liljeblad, Laguna continues to put an excited spotlight on the Swedish horror scene.



  • Aaron Emery

    “Norwegian” “cabin in the woods” “slasher” “Norwegian cabin in the woods slasher”- You had me at that!
    The plot description sounds good but to be honest the trailer kind of sucks. I’ll give it a shot. I really dug ‘Crawl’ which you guys just put out.

  • Milk

    Fun fact: Blood Runs Cold is my favorite Jedi Mind Tricks song. I’ll see this much for the same reasons Aaron stated.

  • guarino2002

    Ill give it a shot, the trailer really wasnt that good and my further research into this movie led me to imdb this movie came out in 2011 and has a score of a 4.0. I found it online and might give it a watch later on today.

    • Aaron Emery

      Don’t you think it’s a bit rude to say you’re going to torrent (or stream) illegally a movie ON THE SITE that’s paying to release it??

  • diapers

    Was this the one that was filmed for something like 5000 bucks? Peeps on imdb said its pretty good.

    • Aaron Emery

      I just went to the IMDb page to check the boards and the general consensus is that it was very, very stupid. When I first clicked the page the poster immediately made me LOL (though I can forgive it because it looks like a bad 80’s throwback) then a few semi-spoiler scene descriptions had me laughing heartily again.

      But to guarino2002 you’re still an asshole.

  • MikeH


  • mikeknowskarate

    wathched this movie last night. it fits right along w/ all the other selects. it’s horrible. what a freakin joke. i’m pissed i wasted a dvd burning it.

    • chambertlo

      Wow, pirating a movie and then bitching about the quality of the film is the dumbest shit I have ever heard. I hope you never reproduce. You are what is wrong with the world, and I hope karma kicks your ass something fierce.

      • mikeknowskarate

        If it was a good movie I’d gladly pay for it(I have a giant collection and I’m at the store every tuesday picking up new goodies). I just don’t trust anything this site puts out. Don’t see why they don’t save some cash and pick up a good movie instead of getting a bunch of horrible ones.

  • Kroork

    I am not a fan of … well any of the bloody disgusting select movies,

    but To come on here and admit to downloading a movie and then trash it to the people who are releasing it is low class man.

    Low class indeed

    • Aaron Emery

      I was thinking the same thing. Considering you (mikeknowskarate) stole the film, you really have no right to complain about the quality of said film.

  • Yeah, this seems cool, BUT it releases the same day as Bioshock Infinite. I’ll be very busy on the 26th.

  • Nothing333

    Bloody buys cheapo foreign films tanks hard.

  • chambertlo

    Having seen my fair share of the BD selects titles, rarely (if ever) have any of the films been anything other than utter trash, sad to say. It’s disheartening that a website devoted to horror has no idea what makes a truly memorable film. I will be passing on this one, and any future BD selects title.

    • Kroork

      I know right! The website the judges so many other horros can’t seem to get it right it’s self.

      It’s like they just wanna be included in the game, but don’t care if what they add ictually any good

      • deadsnow07

        perfectly said.

  • Samhain2010

    I just can’t see how this movie was made for only $5,000? Some of the gore effects are pretty decent and I imagine semi-expensive. I’m sure none of the actors really got paid and the location cost probably nothing, but a couple of the sets were pretty detailed. There were definite problems with pacing and some awkward camera work, but it certainly is an accomplishment considering the limited resources. I know some people on here admitted to burning the movie, but a lot of people, including myself saw it on Blu Ray via an import. The movie has been out for awhile, so a lot of people have already seen it in and outside the U.S. I imagine this group of filmmakers will only get better with time. From your old interview I can see that they are their own biggest critics. Regardless of the quality, I would love to be able to sit down and pick their brains. I’d be interested to know what they shot the film on, details about the effects used, the equipment they had available at their disposal, etc. It’s perfectly okay to dislike or even hate a movie, but these guys get some props for me for doing what they did on a nothing budget.

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