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[TV] Am I In An Undead Nightmare? “The Walking Dead” Hires New Writers For Season Four.

I am so sick of talking about the behind-the-scenes shenanigans over at AMC. Without the help of Lionsgate, the cabler has been treading water with their zombie series “The Walking Dead,” having publicly battled writers and showrunners for three seasons now. The show has gotten better, sure, but it’s still nowhere near as good as “Mad Men” or “Breaking Bad”; in fact, I think it’s beyond repair. But whatever, everyone loves it, and I support that. And even through all of these trepidations, AMC is still working their ass off to fix the problems. At least they’re trying.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, AMC’s “The Walking Dead” is bulking up its writers’ room for season four. Curtis Gwinn and Channing Powell will join Matt Negrete on the staff of the zombie drama under new showrunner Scott Gimple. Supervising producer/writer Gwinn counts Adult Swim comedy NTSF:SD:SVU and MTV’s zombie parody Death Valley among his credits, while co-executive producer/writer Powell — like Negrete — is a White Collar alum.

The duo join a staff that also includes Gimple, who has been with the series since season two, executive producer Robert Kirkman (who created the comics on which the drama is based), Negrete, newly promoted executive producer Greg Nicotero, Gale Anne Hurd, Dave Alpert, Evan T. Reilly, Angela Kang and Nichole Beattie, among others.

The additions come as “Walking Dead” bulks up following the departure of Glen Mazzara, who exited the series as showrunner in December when the network renewed the series for its fourth season.



  • Canucklehead

    There’s only so much you can do with this material, and even the books are starting to show a little bit of it. Without an endgame in mind the series runs the risk of wandering from event to event with nothing to hold it all together.

    • weresmurf

      Agreed. The show needs to divert bigtime and leave the comics behind now, do something radically different, set up an endgame, hell, even a possible CURE or an innoculation they have to try to get? Maybe Jenner was onto something and they have to find it out? Just *something* or like you said, it’ll get way stale. This season has been better than 2, but only a 6/10 at best… needs to get a LOT better and Im a massive TWD fan saying that :\

  • Terminated

    The show has gotten progressively worse, rather than better. Sure, the first half of Season 3 was stronger and further promising than the poorly drawn out season 2 arc but since returning, the writing has been atrocious and the inconsistencies and filler episodes simply don’t cut it. Even the changes are weak (certain character deaths, subplots, etc) I want to see a narrative, not a stocking fill of idleness just because the budgets are being slashed.

    The first season was wonderful. Each episode progressed the story and found a natural balance of human characterization and action/horror.

    AMC can only help the show by kicking up a larger budget to realise new, exciting concepts. Unfortunately, that won’t happen, and what has already been stated, with no endgame in sight, the series will lose direction (like the comics have) and get stuck in a repeating timeloop.

  • BadCrumbs

    I think it has gotten worse. The characters are painfully annoying. I couldn’t care less about what happens to the majority of them. In fact, I wish most of them would get killed off so we could meet some new, hopefully more interesting people. The conflict between them all is starting to sound like petty bullshit. The first half was good, but the second half is just awful. Too much back and forth with no end results, ever. I’m starting to hope the zombies will win.

  • BadCrumbs

    What they should do is take a cue from American Horror Story and make each season it’s own story. Set it in the same time frame/world obviously, but each season could be about a different group of survivors. It’ll keep it fresh from season to season meeting new people and setting up new relationships and conflicts they have to overcome in order to survive. Maybe? Something. Anything.

    • djblack1313

      BadCrumbs, i LOVE that idea!

      • chambertlo

        Actually, the only person that doesn’t make me roll my eyes in disgust is Glenn. Everyone else could be dead, for all I care. This idea would be amazing, and would actually make for a much more compelling show. Right now, they are barely showing any zombies, and when they do, their is no conflict. Just a bunch of talking.

  • chambertlo

    You know what? As much as I still love the premise of the show, the characters and settings have grown long in the tooth. I couldn’t care less about Rick and the Governor, and I hope they kill each other in a big shoot out. The only character that is actually interesting is Glenn. Everyone else could die, for what it’s worth. It seems like AMC is letting the success get to their heads and it is affecting all of their shows. What’s the point of having a zombie series if you rarely show any zombies? I don’t see this show lasting long the way things keep being shifted around.

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