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Comic Shops Celebrate ‘Crossed’ With C-Day Tomorrow!

C-Day 2013 starts tomorrow, March 13th. The event is celebrated by comic retailers in North America, celebrating Garth Ennis’ brutal, bloody, and entertaining horror series, “Crossed”. The day also marks the release of Crossed: Badlands #25, which sees Ennis’ return to the series.

Stores participating in the celebration will be handing out loads of gross-out goodies including collectible buttons, tattoos, stickers, shirts, and some of you lucky dogs will even be treated to a full on party.At a Crossed party, anything can happen (please don’t bring weapons to your comic shops).

From Avatar’s Website:

The annual comic retailer party celebrating Garth Ennis’ revolutionary horror series, Crossed, begins tomorrow! Rabid comic fans will be flooding comic stores looking for Ennis’ return to his signature title with Crossed Badlands #25. They will be staying in stores for the collectible buttons, tattoos, stickers, shirts, and party events scheduled to celebrate the series and one year of filling nightmares with the most heinous of visions. Crossed has become the go-to title for fans seeking no-holds-barred horror. The series never takes the easy way out of a dark situation and you can expect an abundance of pain and misery for the characters trying to survive a world gone mad. Crossed takes that step that most series fear to tread. If there is something completely taboo in today’s society, you can bet that when the shackles of civilization fall, that you will see it performed by the infected of the Crossed world. There are no boundaries for the evil the Crossed can inflict. All you can do once you start reading is hold on and hope that you can endure true grueling misery and horror survival. And for that, fans of the series will happily line up to read the tales that have defined this series. Enjoy C-Day and all the bloody Crossed stories at your local comic shop. In a world where there is no help. And there is no hope. You can only count on the gleeful misery of the Crossed.



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