[SXSW ’13] Video Interview With ‘The Lords of Salem’s’ Rob Zombie!

  • doomas10

    I thought the interview was a bit … generic to be honest. Come on, it’s Rob Zombie! Questions should be like ” what was the inspiration for that storyline”? ” Why pick up these cast members?”, “is there a homage to Polanski’s films judging from the movie’s direction”? , “Any influences?”, “Favourite moment in the film?”… I am going to become a journalist and interview him myself! (unless I die from awesomeness before hand)

    • joe666

      Your questions seem even more generic too be honest.

      • doomas10

        No they don’t 😛 They are more oriented about the film itself. They are generic but in the context of his upcoming movie- but who am I to speak for everyone else?

  • rgold


  • Aaron Emery

    Why do people always think they can do somebody else’s job better than them?

  • Alabama-Sharp

    Oh well whiners, It was ROB ZOMBIE, for crying out loud. He can’t ask himself his own questions. I’m content with one of my own kind doing his thing. They’re not going to be brain busters but they won’t all be zingers either. I’m waiting to see it, Rob. I think it’s past time for a good witch movie.