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Review: ‘Buddy Cops’ One Shot

What other comic this week will give you nuclear monk monkeys, a drunk future cop with a sweet jetpack, a wedding, and a clone of Eliot Ness surgically implanted into the carcass of a bear? Only Buddy Cops by Nate Crosby and Evan Shaner. “Buddy Cops” is one of the most enjoyable one shots I’ve read in a while.

WRITTEN BY: Nate Crosby
ART BY: Evan Shaner
PRICE: $2.99
RELEASE: March 13th, 2013

Buddy Cops follows Uranus, an intergalactic space cop with a badass jetpack, and an even more badass space sword, who has been demoted to the NYPD, and his partner T.A.Z.E.R. Who is an overly anal police robot. Together they form the Buddy Cops, and as you learn on the first page: they hate each other.

This book is the ultimate spoof of comic book heroes, and the buddy cop formula, all condensed into one issue. The amount of material covered here is almost astounding. Both characters go through a stereotypical buddy cop story, with the highs and lows of each character complimenting the other. What results is a perfect snapshot of insanity, that is as much fun to read, as it is to look at.

The art here is incredible. Shaner’s art is simple and pulpy in all the right ways. Lots of muted blues, oranges, and greens create a vibrant world for these buddy cops to exist within. The characterization of the monstrous enemies reminded me of some of Fiona Staples’ best work, and really gave the comedy the back bone it needed.

This book is damn funny. There is a moment halfway through that politely asks you to play Lional Ritchie’s “Hello” softly in the background as you read it, and I couldn’t agree more. Positively tear jerking moments on those pages.

Yet, the whole thing moves with incredible pace. Crosby does not waste a panel, and the rapid fire progression of the story allows the reader to be fully immersed and wanting more. Uranus and T.A.Z.E.R’s relationship is pitch perfect. The two challenge each other in the ways we have seen continually in buddy comedies but in the perfect comic book fashion. Everything is taken to outlandish exaggerations and every character takes it completely seriously.

“Buddy Cops” is a perfect world of sheer comic insanity that I cannot recommend heartily enough. For any fans of the buddy cop genre they’ll find perfect winks and nods to their sensibilities, and for those of you just well versed in comics, you’ll find yourself having a ton of fun and laughing out loud the entire time.

4/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – Jimbus_Christ



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