Brian K.Vaughan Has A New Comic Series: 'Me Gusta' - Bloody Disgusting!

Brian K.Vaughan Has A New Comic Series: ‘Me Gusta’

Teasers are popping up all over Spanish comic book sites for a new series from Brian K.Vaughan and Marcos Martin. No details have been released, but the teaser comes with the words: “I like it” (“Me gusta“). There seem to be masks, subways, and guns involved, but other than that you’re on your own. See teasers below from Zona Negativa, Entre Comics, and RTVE.

Also, thanks to Bleeding Cool for bringing these to our attention.

  • Evan3

    Vaughn is easily my favorite writer in the comic industry… but does this mean no more Saga?

    • Lonmonster

      Naw, Saga is around indefinitely. Don’t worry!