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‘Escape From New York’ Remake to Become a Trilogy

Joel Silver’s Silver Pictures has joined forces with Studio Canal to build a new franchise with a retelling of Escape From New York, reports Deadline.

The 1981 John Carpenter original starred Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken, a tough convict dropped into a futuristic New York that has been turned into a post-apocalyptic maximum security prison. He’s charged with rescuing the president (Donald Pleasence), who is held hostage by the prison kingpin (Isaac Hayes) after his plane crashes within the city walls. Snake’s offered a pardon if he’s successful, but fitted with a lethal device that will kill him if he tries to run or misses the deadline.

A remake had been attempted not that long ago at New Line with producer Neil Moritz and The Crazies helmer Breck Eisner, with Gerard Butler, Jeremy Renner and Tom Hardy all mentioned as potentials to play Plissken. That effort ended when New Line let the option lapse almost two years ago.

Silver is planning an entirely new take on the material. The goal is to turn it into a trilogy, starting with an origin story in a fashion similar to the way Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes restarted that franchise, says the site.



  • joe666

    Everybody but not Gerard Butler. Even Lindsay Lohan as Snake Plissken, but not Gerard Butler. He’s terrible.

    • Zombie-Killa

      I agree about Butler. I USED to be a big fan of his, but Butler’s string of shitty romantic comedies killed all of my interest in him. He’s probably the most realistic choice out of the set of names, though. Because I can’t imagine Renner as Snake, and Tom Hardy just played Bane in TDKR.

      • divisionbell

        Yeah Gerard started off strong but has just done one awful movie after another. Out of those three I’d have to go with Renner.

  • Canucklehead

    Please just make this stop. EFNY is a classic. They already tried this idea with “Doomsday” and we all saw how that turned out. I’m going to watch the original and forget this was ever discussed.

    • K-Dogg

      Man I love the original, that John Carpenter is a GOD !!!!!!!!!

  • Baphomitt

    Headline should actually read “Joel Silver set to lose more money at the box office for a smaller studio.”

  • Ravinus

    Kurt Russel can’t be matched.

  • djblack1313

    i wish studios would just try to make the best movie (meaning 1 film) they could instead of automatically planning on sequels/trilogies. just make ONE good movie and see how it goes.
    i’m not for or against this remake. ESCAPE FROM NY was ok but it wasn’t a fave and most definitely wasn’t among my favorite Carpenter films (THE FOG, HALLOWEEN, THE THING are my faves!). i hope this turns out good!

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