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This ‘Beetlejuice’ Roller Coaster Made In ‘Minecraft’ Is The Trippiest Thing You’ll Watch All Day

There are Minecraft roller coasters, and then there are Minecraft roller coasters. Every stab I make falls firmly into the former, while this is decidedly a card-carrying member of the latter. I’ve my share of amazing fan-made Minecraft roller coasters, but this sets the bar astronomically high for the next. It’s weird, funny, and trippy — all words I’ve used to describe it’s inspiration, Beetlejuice, which I suddenly have a very strong urge to watch right now. Check it out after the jump.

Perhaps what’s most impressive about this, other than the insane amount of time and creativity it required to make, is it was crafted in the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft, which meant they had less resources and room to build it. In related news, I made a boat that I’m pretty satisfied with. It seats four. Pretty cool, I’m thinking about taking it out, if you want to tag along.

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