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Can You Name Every Horror Game In These Minimalist Posters?

I want to play a game. (read that in Jigsaw’s voice)

I have a bunch of minimalist horror game posters waiting for you after the break. What I’d like you to do is try and name every game in these posters just by looking at the gallery. Don’t click on any of the images, because doing that will expand them, revealing the full poster and the title of the game. This game is crazy easy to cheat on, but I trust you. So name as many games as you can in the comments below — Bloody Disgusting has spies everywhere, so I’ll know when you cheat — and HAVE FUN!

For more of Frank Russo’s minimalist posters — there are a lot — head on over to his Tumblr.

Have a question? Feel free to ever-so-gently toss Adam an email, or follow him on Twitter and Bloody Disgusting.



  • The-Gravedigger

    Let’s see, this is what I think I can recognize. Dead Rising, Left 4 Dead, Bioshock, Silent Hill, F.E.A.R, Heavy Rain, Resident Evil. Some of the others I feel I SHOULD know, but whatever.

    • The-Gravedigger

      And after looking at the answers I realize I actually guessed SH 2 correctly, not SH 1.

  • TheDeadman19

    I know Left 4 Dead, Diablo, Bioshock, Bunch of Silent Hill, FEAR, Heavy Rain, Resident Evil, Alan Wake and Dead Space.
    Can’t make any sense of the other ones.

  • djblack1313

    the only one i got was RES EVIL. lol. but again, in my defense i’m not a gamer. 🙂

    • dirtyghettok

      What dj said.

      • nohandtyper

        I third this.

  • dr.lamb

    “dead space” and “bioshock” are the most clever. “silent hill 1” is the most unfair. “resident evil” and “alan wake” are the easiest. “silent hill 2” is the most glorious (followed by “silent hill 3” and “f.e.a.r.”).Mistook “left 4 dead” for some lego game and “alone in the dark” for the original “prince of persia”.

    • Adam Dodd

      I thought the Dead Space and Diablo posters were spot on. Silent Hill Homecoming I would have NEVER guessed, mainly because I have a hard time remembering that game even when I have its box art in front of me. The SH3 poster really is perfect.

      • dr.lamb

        Yeah and it’s just a damn house 🙂
        Corrections to my post above: I mistook “the house of the dead” for “prince of persia”.

  • MindVortex

    I guessed 10 of the 17. F.E.A.R. was the biggest stumper. I couldn’t get it out of my head that I was looking at a fountain pen or bellbottomed pants bending over.

    • Adam Dodd

      That’s hilarious. Now all I can see in that FEAR poster is bell bottom pants.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Damn, I suck. I only got 4. Oh well lol.

  • mav07

    sorry, but these are fucking stupid………..alligotstasay

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